Best answer: How do I contact DCI Kenya?

How do I report to DCI?

Conversation. Report Crime to our anonymous Toll Free number 0800 722 203! Our officers will NOT ask your name, location or phone number. Just call and #FichuakwaDCI Usiogope!

Who is the current director of criminal investigation in Kenya?

Mr. George M. Kinoti,CBS.

How do I book an appointment with DCI?

Headquarters for fingerprinting to log in to >>> and book an appointment indicating the date and exact time that you will be attended to. Only those with appointments and who arrive at the designated time will be allowed past the gate.

Is DCI under national police service?

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is established under the National Police Service Act, 2011. It is part of the larger National Police Service; the other organs being the Administration Police Service and Kenya Police Service.

What does DCI deal with?

Collect and provide criminal intelligence, Undertake Investigations on serious crimes including homicide, narcotics crimes, human trafficking, money laundering, terrorism,economic crimes, piracy, organized crimes, and cyber crime among others. Maintain law and order.

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How much does a DCI earn in Kenya?

As you have seen, a CID fresh recruit from the DCI academy pockets a clean Ksh 32,880 ( without any due bonus/allowances)- if you add regular allowances, the pay averages Kshs. 44000. And you will obviously earn more as you rise up the ranks (the table explains everything).

How much is a CID paid in Kenya?

How much is a CID paid in Kenya? CID salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 158,000 per month. This C.I.D salary in Kenya includes all the allowances that they benefit.

Is DCI under Inspector General?

It is referred to by the initials DCI. It is headed by a Director who reports to the Inspector General of Police.

How can I become a CID officer?

To become CID Officer in India you need to crack the Civil Services Exam (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC). The direct way to become CID Officer is to join the Police Force, pass the internal exam, and then apply for the post of CID. Graduation in Criminology is added benefit to crack UPSC.

How do I pay good conduct via MPesa?

Paying via MPesa is the easiest way. Once you click on the option, a prompt will appear on your phone to complete the transaction. Once payment is confirmed, you can now download the C24 form. It is a fingerprint form that ascertains that you have paid.

How long does it take to get a police clearance certificate in Kenya?

How long does the certificate of good conduct take before it is provided? A certificate of good conduct in all parts of Kenya takes one to two weeks to be provided to a person who has applied.

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Can I apply good conduct online?

UPDATE: Manual application of Certificate of Good Conduct is now not available. You have to apply online, book appointment, go for finger print taking and download your E-police clearance certificate.