Best answer: How long is the flight from DC to Kenya?

How many hours is it from Washington DC to Kenya?

Flight time from Nairobi to Washington, DC is 18 hours 15 minutes.

How many hours is direct flight from Kenya to USA?

If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Kenya to United States, It takes 15.24 hours to arrive.

How many hours does it take to fly to Kenya?

1) Flight from the USA to Kenya

Before the introduction of direct flights, it would take between 17 hours to slightly above 20 hours depending on the connecting flights you take. Using the direct flight, it now takes you an approximate time of just 13 hours to land in the city of Nairobi from New York, USA.

How much is a flight from Kenya to Washington DC?

Nairobi, Kenya (NBO-Jomo Kenyatta Intl.) Washington, DC, United States of America (IAD-Washington Dulles Intl.)

Cheap Flights from Jomo Kenyatta Intl. to Washington Dulles Intl.

Origin Airport Jomo Kenyatta Intl.
Flight Price $665
Distance 7572 mi
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What is the longest flight in the world?

What is the longest flight in the world by distance? The longest flight in the world by distance is QR921. Qatar Airlines’ Auckland to Doha route comes in at 14,535 km/9,032 mi/7,848 nm.

How long is a flight from Kenya to Australia?

The total flight duration from Kenya to Australia is 13 hours, 38 minutes.

How long is Kenya to Nigeria?

The distance between Kenya and Nigeria is 3485 km. The road distance is 6218.5 km.

How many hours is from USA to Kenya?

Flying time from United States to Nairobi, Kenya

The total flight duration from United States to Nairobi, Kenya is 17 hours, 39 minutes.

Do you need a visa to go to Kenya?

Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Kenya? Yes, citizens of the United States of America are required to have a visa before they can legally enter the Republic of Kenya. Fortunately, the process to obtain a Kenyan visa for U.S. citizens is quick and simple. Americans can request a Kenyan visa online in just a few minutes.

Is it safe in Kenya?

While Kenya is a safe destination compared to some surrounding African countries, there are issues with crime in major cities, and many government travel advisories warn travelers of the threat of terrorism.

Does Kenya Airways fly to Washington DC?

Top Offers to Washington, D.C. with Kenya Airways

From Nairobi to Washington, D.C.