Best answer: Is Chymall banned in Cameroon?

Is CHYMall banned in Ghana?

Illegal operations

The EOCO released disclosed that it had been monitoring the activities of the Ponzi scheme since the middle of last year and it had discovered that Chy Mall is neither registered by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What is wrong with CHYMall?

CHYMall is a scam

They are group of scammers luring innocent people into signing up and then locked up their trading capital. Most of the people who joined since November 2020 have not received payment and their trading capital was locked up as well.

Is Chymall fake?

Chymall has a very poor web design and layout which also portrays a lot of scam signals. The website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is also poor with language errors all over. There is also no verifiable online method of payment or proper organization.

How safe is Chymall?

It has an inferior web design or layout and portrays every signal of a scam to it. The website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is deplorable with language errors all over. There is also no verifiable online method of payment or proper organization. Chymall does not have a Terms and Conditions page.

How does Chymall make money?

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM CHYMALL? You make money by buying a product very cheap with your trading capital from the mall’s wholesale store at wholesale price. … The mall sells the products for you on the retail store at retail price and handover the profit plus your trading capital back to you.

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Who is the owner of Chy mall?

The company is founded by Mr. Zhang Yuan, who is one of the first 10 entrepreneurs in China. It was launched in Africa on the 29th of March 2019, precisely in Ghana, with its head office in Accra. However, with regards to the company, CHY Mall gives 80% of profits to its members.

Who is the CEO of Chymall?

CEO of CHY Mall, Mr. Ben Chah sends his Christmas Messages to all customers around the world.

Where is Chymall located in Nigeria?

Chymall Abuja is in Abuja, Nigeria.

Every 10 days Chymall pays his VIP members, where ever you are in this world Join Chymall and start making… More.

How can I register on Chymall net?

First convert Chy points to consumption point for the registration, using the procedure below. 6. Enter the amount you need to convert to consumption point.

  1. Login to the newly registered account.
  2. In the new account click on Be-a-vip.
  3. Click on the VIP level product cost. …
  4. Scroll towards the right & complete the process.