Can I buy property in Ghana?

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Ghana. However, different kinds of land, some of which cannot be privately owned. There are four types of land in Ghana: Government Land, Vested Land, Customary/Stool Land, and Family/Private Land.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Ghana?

A foreigner can buy a house in Ghana. Foreigners can also purchase lands for sale in Ghana. However, lands sold to foreigners are done on a 50-year leasehold basis according to the laws of Ghana. Even if the foreigner has purchased a house, they will still have to pay for the land when the lease is due.

Is buying land in Ghana a good investment?

Profitable Investment

Investing in land is profitable and arguably better than buying a treasury bill. About two years ago, I facilitated a sale of one of our lands at Dawhenya for GHC10,000 per plot. … The Treasury bill is currently at 13 percent interest on your principal per annum.

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Is property expensive in Ghana?

The simple answer to the question then is this: Ghana real estate prices are high mainly because materials are expensive. … Whether we like it or not, this has a direct effect on the price of goods, including real estate. Then there’s the longer-term issue of how to encourage local or regional production.

How long can a foreigner own land in Ghana?

The Constitution prohibits foreigners from owning land in Ghana and limits them to leaseholds of no more than fifty years.

Does Ghana allow dual citizenship?

In accordance with the Citizenship Act of 2002 (Act 591), Ghanaians who have acquired US Citizenship, are eligible to apply for dual citizenship.

Can you buy freehold land in Ghana?

If you wish to buy a vested or state land you would need to file an application with the Executive Secretary of Lands Commission or the Regional Lands Officer in your region. The 1992 Constitution of Ghana details the ownership and use of public lands. … As the name suggests, a family land is a land owned by a family.

How much does a plot of land cost in Ghana?

The average price of land for sale in Accra is GH₵22,000 per plot. The most expensive land costs GH₵357,000 per plot while the cheapest costs GH₵9,000 per plot. There are 961 listings and 692 available land for sale in Accra, Ghana.

What do you need to buy land in Ghana?

To acquire Government Land or Vested Land, an application must be filed with the Executive Secretary of Lands Commission or the Regional Lands Officer, depending on the location of the land.

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How can I get Ghana citizenship?

Ghanaian citizenship can be obtained by birth, naturalisation, registration and adoption. A person born in or outside Ghana after the coming into force of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution, shall become a citizen of Ghana at the date of his birth if either of his/her parents or grandparents is or was a citizen of Ghana.

Is Ghana good place to live?

Living in Ghana is a one-of-a-kind experience and, despite the lack of local, state-run public transport and other amenities of modern Western life, the country more than makes up for it with charm, friendliness and originality.

Is it safe to live in Ghana?

Violent crime rates are relatively low and petty crime can often be avoided simply by being vigilant. Ghana is fairly safe compared to other African countries, and as long as new arrivals familiarise themselves with relevant issues and take the necessary safety precautions, they should enjoy a safe existence.

How can I get Ghana citizenship for free?

Registration/Naturalization as Citizen of Ghana

  1. Purchase (Application form 3)
  2. Copy of Passport (Bio Data Page)
  3. Current OR Indefinite Residence Permit page.
  4. Copy of (Spouse) Ghanaian Passport (Bio-data page)
  5. Consent letter from Spouse.
  6. Copy of marriage Certificate.

Which African countries allow foreigners to buy property?

South Africa has one of the world’s most accessible property markets. Foreigners may acquire and own property, including agricultural land. Freehold land ownership is available and encouraged for foreigners. Foreigners may acquire and own property in Namibia, except agricultural land.

Where is the best place to live in Ghana?

If you are trying to visit Ghana or you intend to find some of the best and luxurious communities to explore, you should consider the following areas:

  • Airport Residential Area, Accra. airport residential area. …
  • Cantonments. One of the affluent neighbourhoods in Accra is Cantonments. …
  • Osu, Accra. …
  • Labone, Accra. …
  • East Legon.
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