Does Ghana have crime?

Crime. Most visits to Ghana are trouble free, but criminal activity does occur and can range from incidents of petty crime to violent crime. In 2021 there has been an increase in robbery, burglary and serious assault, and such attacks can include the use of weapons.

Is Ghana safe for tourists?

Ghana is a relatively stable country, a gem in a region where peace, stability and low crime rates are not very common. … Avoid walking alone at night, since Ghana is not a safe country for tourists at night. Foreigners, even during the daytime, are often the target of thefts and muggings.

What is Ghana’s crime like?


STAT Ghana
Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 0.4 Ranked 167th.
Murder rate 3,646 Ranked 30th.
Murder rate per million people 157.77 Ranked 41st. 4 times more than United States
Murders 3,646 Ranked 30th.

How much crime is there in Ghana?

As of June 2021, Ghana achieved a crime index of 46.98. The index measures the level of crime in a given country or city.

Crime index in Ghana from 2014 to 2021.

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Characteristic Crime index
2020 48.97
2019 51.95
2018 45
2017 46.99

What is the causes of crime in Ghana?

At the end, five factors were identified to be the major causes of crime, these are; parental neglect, poverty, unemployment, peer pressure and drug abuse. It has also been revealed that trend of crime is in the increase in the Municipality.

Is Ghana poor?

Despite the booming economic growth, poverty in Ghana is still prevalent. Poverty has shifted from urban areas to now more rural areas of the country; in fact, rural poverty is almost four times higher than urban poverty. … The northern region of the country makes up the largest number of citizens in poverty in Ghana.

What language Ghana speak?

Ghana is a highly multilingual developing nation in West Africa. It has a population of over 25 million people with different ethnic groups. Ghana has about 50 indigenous languages (Dakubu, 1996), and the major ones are Akan, Ewe, Ga, Dagaare, and Dagbani, with English as the official language.

Is Ghana safe living?

Violent crime rates are relatively low and petty crime can often be avoided simply by being vigilant. Ghana is fairly safe compared to other African countries, and as long as new arrivals familiarise themselves with relevant issues and take the necessary safety precautions, they should enjoy a safe existence.

Are Ghanaians friendly?

The people are extremely friendly and hospitable. Ghanaians are proud of their culture and love welcoming people from outside to integrate and mix in with their local customs and way of living.

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Is Ghana rich?

The country is endowed with rich natural resources. Timber, gold, diamonds, bauxite, manganese, and oil contribute to making Ghana among the wealthier nations in West Africa. While its economy is one of the most successful in the region, it remains heavily dependent on international finance.

How much does it cost to live in Ghana?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,937$ (11,912₵) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 541$ (3,329₵) without rent. Cost of living in Ghana is, on average, 46.88% lower than in United States. Rent in Ghana is, on average, 50.81% lower than in United States.

Who is the biggest criminal in Ghana?

After his release that year he relocated to Accra.

Charles Quansah
Criminal penalty Death
Victims 9, possibly 34+
Span of crimes 1993–2000

What is the unemployment rate in Ghana?

Ghana unemployment rate for 2020 was 4.53%, a 0.41% increase from 2019. Ghana unemployment rate for 2019 was 4.12%, a 0.04% decline from 2018. Ghana unemployment rate for 2018 was 4.16%, a 0.06% decline from 2017. Ghana unemployment rate for 2017 was 4.22%, a 1.23% decline from 2016.

Is Accra a safe city?

Though the city is fairly spread out, Accra is relatively safe to walk around during the day (and night, in many areas). Watch out for open sewers when walking the streets.

What are the economic problems in Ghana?

Recent Economic Developments and Outlook

The poverty rate is estimated to have slightly increased from 25 percent in 2019 to 25.5 percent in 2020. The overall fiscal deficit doubled to 15.2 percent in 2020. Public debt increased to 81.1 percent of GDP in 2020, placing Ghana at a significant risk of debt distress.

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How do I locate Ghana?

Ghana is located in West Africa and is sandwiched between Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and Togo. The northern border is the country Burkina Faso and the southern border is the Gulf of Guinea. The country is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon.