Does Zambia allow dual citizenship?

On January 6, 2016, Zambia’s Ministry of Home Affairs urged Zambians living in other countries and foreigners residing in Zambia to apply for dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is now permitted under the recently approved amendments to the Zambian Constitution.

How do I get dual citizenship in Zambia?

Citizenship by Registration

  1. was born in Zambia and has been ordinarily resident in Zambia for a period of at least five years.
  2. was born outside Zambia, has or had an ancestor who is, or was a Zambian citizen, and has been ordinarily resident in Zambia for a period of at least five years.

How much is dual citizenship in Zambia?

Oath of allegiance form is then completed and payment of the prescribed fee of K5000. 00 or equivalent for dual Zambian citizenship is made.

How can one become a citizen of Zambia?

BY BIRTH: Child born within the territory of Zambia shall be considered a citizen of Zambia. However, upon reaching the age of 21, the person must apply to the Citizenship Board for the confirmation of citizenship. BY DESCENT: Child, one parent being Zambian, regardless of the child’s country of birth.

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Does Zambia allow triple citizenship?

WASHINGTON DC- TUESDAY, August 1, 2017 – The Government of the Republic of Zambia has implemented the dual citizenship clause for Zambians in the diaspora who acquired citizenship of another country.

How much is a Zambian passport in Zambia?

Zambia Passport

Application form 20.00
Zambia Ordinally Certificate 32 pages 300.00
Zambia Ordinally Certificate 48 pages 500.00
Zambian Ordinally passport 32 pages express 500.00
Zambia Ordinally passport 48 pages express 700.00

What are the types of citizenship in Zambia?

According to the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act, 2016; Zambian citizenship may be acquired by birth, descent, registration or adoption4.

What are the rights of a Zambian citizen?

(1) A person has the right to life. (2) The life of a person begins at conception. (3) A person shall not be deprived of life intentionally, except for a capital offence the sentence of which is death, subject to limitations, defences and extent prescribed.

How long does a Zambian passport last?

It is notified for public information and action that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has introduced digitized Machine Readable Passports. Applicants below the age of ten (10) years will be eligible to apply for separate passports, which will be valid for 5 years.

What documents do I need to get my dual citizenship?

You’ll need your foreign birth certificate (translated if necessary), proof of citizenship for your parent(s), your parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable) and an affidavit showing all of the places your US citizen parent lived before you were born, both in the US and abroad, and how long he or she lived in each …

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How long can foreigners stay in Zambia?

Visitors & Tourists

All ordinary Visitors and Tourists are entitled to a free ninety (90) days visit in any period of twelve (12) months from the day of first entry into Zambia while business Visitors are entitled to a free thirty (30) days visit in any period of twelve (12) months.

How can I get permanent residency in Zambia?

A Residence Permit confers permanent residence to a holder and is issued to a foreigner who: has held an Employment Permit for a continuous period exceeding ten (10) years; is a dependant (who is 21 years old or below) of someone with a valid Residence Permit or an established resident; has held an Investor’s Permit …

Can I immigrate to Zambia?

Immigration Permits

You want to move to Zambia for work, investment, school or residence? You need to apply for an appropriate immigration permit.

What language is spoken in Zambia?

Numerous languages or dialects have been identified in Zambia. There are seven official vernacular languages: Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Luvale, Lunda, and Kaonde, the latter three being languages of North-Western Province. English is the official language of government and is used for education, commerce, and law.

What is citizenship by descent in Zambia?

1. A person born in Zambia is a citizen by birth if, at the date of that person’s birth, at least one parent of that person is or was a citizen.

How do I get married in Zambia?

register customary marriages.

  1. Application for a Marriage Certificate for a marriage that was solemnised in. Zambia can be made in writing to: …
  2. 21 years for males and females; …
  3. Evidence of non-impediment to marriage (as a requirement for a marriage. …
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