Frequent question: How can I praise my man in Yoruba?

How can I praise my lover in Yoruba?

Romantic Yoruba names to call your girlfriend or wife

  1. Ododo mi. This means “my flower”.
  2. Olowo Iyebiye mi. This means “my jewel”
  3. Gbogbo nkan mi. This means “my everything”
  4. Adun. This mean “sweetness”
  5. Orekelewa. This means beauty that surpass all other beauties. …
  6. Onitemi. …
  7. Sokototi mi. …
  8. Isura mi.

What is the meaning of Oko Mi?

She is not propositioning you. In this context, ‘Ọkọ Mi’ is a term of endearment applicable to male/female. It means: My dear / My darling.” / Twitter. Log in.

What is the meaning of Omoge?

Omoge. Definition: Slang used to any Fine/Pretty/Cute Girl/Lady/Woman… “Female” Basically.

What is the meaning of olowo orimi?

Olowo ori mi

(Yoruba) 689 up 579 down. It is a phrase commonly used by wives in Yoruba land to praise their husbands. Husbands are referred to as “Olowo ori mi” because usually he pays bride price to bride’s family before marriage.

What names can I call my husband?

Sweet Nicknames For Your Husband

  • Bubba.
  • Sweetie.
  • Love of my life.
  • Stud-muffin.
  • Honey.
  • Bo.
  • Dearest.
  • Dream Boat.
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What can I call my boyfriend to make him happy?

75 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

  • Darling.
  • Stud Muffin.
  • Boo Bear.
  • Mister Man.
  • Baby.
  • Sweets.
  • Bubba.
  • Captain.

What does Omo mean Nigerian?

Omo. Definition: A man or a buddy.

What does OBO mean in Nigerian?

it is an abbreviation for Omo Baba Olowo which means ‘a rich man’s son’ PRONOUNCED: Or-moh bahbah o-low-woh. This abbreviation was coined by Davido in his ‘Dami duro’ song.

What does Wahala dey mean?

Wahala. Wahala means ‘Trouble’, and its meaning can change depending on context. … The flip side is ‘Wahala dey o’, meaning there is a problem. It is rare for this word to stand alone, except to express surprise at a disconcerting situation.

What’s the meaning of Peru?

Definitions of Peru. a republic in western South America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; was the heart of the Inca empire from the 12th to 16th centuries. synonyms: Republic of Peru. example of: South American country, South American nation. any one of the countries occupying the South American continent.

What is Ifemi in Yoruba?

IFEMI is a Yoruba name which means my beloved while Onimisi is an Ebira name which also means my beloved.

What’s Oremi in Yoruba?

OREMI is a word from Yoruba, an African language spoken in Nigeria and in several other countries in the South of the Sahara. Oremi means “mentor” or “a friend in whom I can confide”.