Frequent question: How much is a kilo of meat in Uganda?

Economic data from Kampala shows that meat prices are hovering between 14,000 shillings and 20,000 shillings per kilogram, up significantly from 2020’s average of 10,000 shillings.

How much is a kg of meat in Uganda?

Journalist @ New vision

Rice 3000 3,300-4,000
Ground nuts 4,800 5,400
Beans (per kilogram) 2,500 3,500
Meat(per kilogram) 9,000 10,000

How much is 1kg of goat meat in Uganda?

The price in Uganda Shilling is UGX 19841.27 per kg.

How much is a kilo of pork in Uganda?

A kilogram of pork averages Shs15, 000 across the country.

How much is 1kg of beans in Uganda?

3500-3600/kg, Large Nambale beans cost Ugx. 3200-3300/kg.

How much does a chicken cost in Uganda?

The increase has affected a range of the bird’s prices, including day old chicks. Currently, a one-day-old chick is goes for between Shs1,500 and Shs1,700 compared to Shs1,200 and Shs1,300 for broilers. Layers [chicks] are selling at between Shs2,500 and 2,700 up from Shs2,200 and Shs2,300.

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How much is a kilo of liver in Kampala?

The price of a kilogram of liver has kept constant for a year now at sh10, 000.

How much is a kg of chicken in Uganda?

Uganda’s import price for chicken meat in 2019 was US$0.74 per kilo.

How much is a kilo of offals in Uganda?

With a low supply, a kilogram of offal goes for sh6, 000 and when they are more available in the market the price is usually cut to sh5, 000.

How much does a pig eat in 6 months in Uganda?

At 5-7 months, a pig should eat 2.5kgs a day and above 7 months, a pig should eat 3kgs a day. At two and a half months, a pregnant sow should eat up to 3kgs a day and 3.5kgs at two and a half months up to three months.

How much is a 6 month pig in Uganda?

“A single piglet, which costs between UGX 50,000 and 100,000, can reach a market value of up to UGX 700,000 in six to eight months” explained Alias Ndyabahika, LWF’s Livelihoods Officer in Luuka.

How much is pig feed in Uganda?

The total feed cost is about Shs107,000. Taking into consideration average consumption to be 1.5kg per pig per day at 8-12 weeks, feeding one pig requires about Shs65,000 throughout that period.

How much is a sack of posho in Uganda?

The posho price declined slightly from Ugx. 110,000 per 50Kgs sack to Ugx. 103,000. Apparently the last harvest season last year that opened October was good and plenty of grain is expected on the market until May, 2020.

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