Frequent question: How much is a movie ticket in Silverbird Cinema Abuja?

How much is a movie ticket at cinema?

AMC Ticket Prices

Children (ages 2-12) $10.69
Adults (ages 13 & up) $13.69
Seniors (ages 60+) $12.69

How much does a movie ticket cost in Nigeria?

In 2020, the average ticket price for movies across Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria was 1,243 Naira (some 2.7 U.S. dollars), 0.4 percent more than in 2019.

How much does it cost to go to the cinema 2020?

In 2018, the average price of a cinema ticket in the United Kingdom dropped for the first time since 2001. The annual average price in 2020 was 6.75 British pounds, down from 7.11 British pounds in 2019 and the lowest it has been since 2015.

Is Jabi cinema open today?

Silverbird jabi

The cinema opens every day from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. Here, tickets are sold from N500 to N1, 500. It is located at No. 1265A Bala Sokoto way, Jabi district, Cadastral Zone BO4, Abuja.

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How much is it per person at the movies?

Regal Ticket Prices

Children (<11 years) $10.00 – $13.00
Adults $13.00 – $16.50
Seniors (ages 60+) $10.00 – $13.00

How long is the movie free guy?

The Regular ticket costs N1500 for adults, N800 for children and N1000 for active students. There is a Monday and Wednesday special, on these days, there is an offer where movies cost N1000 and are also accompanied by popcorn and a free drink. You should note that public holidays that fall on these days do not count.

How much does it cost to build a movie theater in Nigeria?


After conducting a feasibility study, the minimum estimated cost could be N5 million while if you want to open a cinema house on a large scale, it could cost you N50 million.

How many cinemas do we have in Lagos?

In 2020, there were a total of 77 movie theaters in Nigeria. Most of them were situated in Lagos.

Number of cinemas in Nigeria in 2020, by zone.

Characteristic Number of cinema sites

Do you have to wear a mask in the cinema?

Yes. You’ll be required to wear a face covering at all times while at an indoor cinema, including while watching the film, unless you are exempt for health reasons. You will be able to take it off temporarily to eat or drink.

How much did a movie ticket cost in 1970?

Observe that in constant dollars, movie-ticket prices more than doubled between 1935 (when they cost a quarter; that’s $2.93 in 1999 dollars) and 1970 (when they cost $1.55; $6.68 in 1999 dollars).

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How much was a movie ticket 1978?

NATO has long contended that the cost of going to the movies has remained relatively static when accounting for inflation, noting that the average ticket price of $2.34 in 1978 was roughly $9.45 when adjusting for inflation.

Is Silverbird Festac open?

After the long anticipated wait , the Silverbird cinemas in Shoprite Festac is finally Opened. It was a day of Joy and excitement , residents and visitors were at the Festival Mall which houses the much talked about Silverbird Cinemas.

Where is Jabi Lake located in Abuja?

This artificial lake is about 10 minutes drive from the Abuja city centre and is between the Shopprite mall and Nara hotel, which is an excellent destination for good restaurants and relaxation. It is part of the fun seekers destination for the Jabi Lake Mall. Children can boat on the lake.