Frequent question: What is consonant in Yoruba?

What is a consonant in Yoruba?

In Figure 6, Yoruba has 17 consonant phonemes, /b,f,m,t,d,s,l,r,ʤ,ʃ,j,k,g,k ͡ p,g ͡ b,w,h/.

How many is Yoruba consonant?

According to him, Yoruba has eighteen consonants and twelve vowels made up of seven oral vowels and five nasal vowels. Yoruba is also a tone language with three tones: high, mid and low.

How do you say R in Yoruba?

The structure of Yoruba syllables is slightly different from English.


Letter IPA Pronunciation of the letter (English approximation)
P p k͡p K and p pronounced simultaneously
R r r~ɹ Either trilled or like in English
S s s Like in sit
Ṣ ṣ ʃ Like in English sh

What is syllable in Yoruba?

The three possible syllable structures of Yoruba are consonant+vowel (CV), vowel alone (V), and syllabic nasal (N). Every syllable bears one of the three tones: high ⟨◌́⟩, mid ⟨◌̄⟩ (generally left unmarked), and low ⟨◌̀⟩.

How do you pronounce ?


  1. (phoneme): IPA: /ɔ/
  2. (letter name): IPA: /ɔ́/

What does Yetunde mean?

Yetunde (variant forms: Yewande, Yeside, Yetide, Yejide, Yetunji, Yebode; alternatively spelled Iyabo or Iyabode) is a traditional name of the Yoruba ethnic group for females which factors into Yoruba religious beliefs, meaning “Mother has returned”.

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How many vowels are in Yoruba?

Standard Yoruba has seven oral vowels: [i, e, e, a, o, o, u].

What is H in Yoruba?

Yoruba reputedly does have /h/. According to Oyebade (1992), the Yoruba glottal sound is a glottal fricative and Akinlabi (2004) described the Yoruba /h/ as a glottal approximant.

What is B in Yoruba language?

A – ajá ‘dog’ B – bàtà ‘shoe. D – dzj} ‘sickle’ E – ejò ‘snake’ C – cyc ‘bird’ F – fila ‘hat’ G – gèlè ‘headgear’ GB – gbàgbá ‘type of vegetable’

Does Yoruba have a written language?

Literary Yoruba, also known as Standard Yoruba, Yoruba koiné, and common Yoruba, is a separate member of the dialect cluster. It is the written form of the language, the standard variety learned at school and that spoken by newsreaders on the radio.

What is vowel in Yoruba?

The vowels in the Yorùbá alphabet are a, e, ẹ, i, o, ọ, u. You will notice that distinct from the other vowels, ẹ and ọ both have dots underneath them. Below are examples of where these characters are used: Ẹ such as in: Ẹja.

Is there Letter H in Yoruba?

The simple truth is that, like the vowel sounds we have in words like birth and word, the glottal fricative /h/ is another sound that is not found in the Yoruba phonemic repertoire.

Is Yoruba difficult to learn?

The Yoruba language is probably the most scholastically studied indigenous West African language, which makes it one of the easiest African languages to learn. The Yoruba people are well-traveled and scattered across major continents in the world.

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