How do I transfer credit from Ghana to Nigeria?

Where can I send money from Ghana to Nigeria?

Money transfer services

  • Azimo.
  • WorldRemit.
  • Payoneer.
  • Paga.

How do I transfer money to a Nigerian bank account?

You can send money to a Nigerian bank account in three simple steps.

  1. Select the type of service you want. You can choose a money transfer to the recipient’s bank account, or an airtime top up. …
  2. Tell us where you want the money to go. …
  3. Tell us whether you want to pay with your debit card or ACH, and provide the details.

Which bank uses Western Union in Ghana?

Access Bank (Ghana) Plc – WESTERN UNION.

Does Eversend work in Nigeria?

Eversend, a mobile-only banking alternative has announced that transactions on its app are now live in Nigeria. The latest addition now brings the countries to six including Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania.

How do I transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria via Access bank?

ATL helps you send money from Ghana to Nigeria in 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter Amount. Enter amount you want to send or recipient to receive.
  2. Add Recipient. Select an existing recipient or add a new recipient.
  3. Confirm and Pay. Confirm your transfer and complete payment for your transfer.
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Is it possible to send money from Ghana to Nigeria?

GTMT is a web-based platform through which customers and non-customers can send funds (up to USD10, 000) from their accounts or in cash to family, friends and business partners in Nigeria. Funds sent through this medium is immediately available for payment upon transaction completion.

What is the easiest way to send money to Nigeria?

If you want to send money to a bank account in Nigeria, we recommend using a specialist currency provider. If you’re transferring under $300 or equivalent, your best options include WorldRemit, TransferWise, Xoom or MoneyGram.

What app can I use to send money to Nigeria?

TalkRemit is the fast secure and low-cost online money transfer service for sending money to Nigeria. Our trusted global remittance platform and online money transfer app is the most convenient way to transfer money to Nigeria. It’s safe, reliable and hassle-free.

Which bank in Nigeria uses MoneyGram?

For every Dollar sent to you from anywhere in the world via MoneyGram, you will receive N5 more into your GTBank account or over the counter at any GTBank branch nationwide. MoneyGram ADMT service is a payment service that enables MoneyGram customers abroad send money to beneficiaries in Nigeria.

Which bank does MoneyGram in Ghana?

Access Bank (Ghana) Plc – MoneyGram.

Is PayPal available in Ghana?

No, there are no PayPal banks in Ghana. But there are PayPal banks in other countries especially the US, and other countries.

Can Ghana send money through Western Union?

WESTERN UNION is a fast, reliable, secure and convenient way of remitting funds from outside the country to a beneficiary in Ghana subject to Ghana’s international exchange control regulations.

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How do you make money with Eversend?

Finding your invite link

  1. Go to “More” (bottom right after login)
  2. Tap “Invite” (top left)
  3. You should see a screen showing people you’ve signed up, the money you’ve earned and the money you could earn if you invited all your contacts.
  4. Tap “Invite a friend and earn money” to share with your link with friends.

How do I fund my Eversend account?

How to: add money to Eversend using mobile money

  1. In your main wallet screen, scroll to your desired currency (i.e. UGX or KES).
  2. Tap ‘Add money’
  3. Enter the desired amount. …
  4. Confirm the payment method is your mobile money number. …
  5. Tap Add money after entering the amount.

How do you deposit into Eversend?

Open the Eversend App, you will be asked to enter your PIN. This will lead you to your home page. Click the + sign to add money to your wallet. You will then be required to choose the method you would like to use to add money.