How do you say love in Ghana?

Me (I) + dɔ (love) + wo (you). Note: The letter “ɔ” is unique to the Akan language. It is pronounced like a combination of the English “oh + uh.”

What is Love called in Ghana language?

Twi Terms of Endearment

Twi English
ɔdɔ love
me dɔ my love
ɔdɔfoɔ loved one; beloved; lover
me dɔfo my loved one; my beloved; my lover

How do you say you’re beautiful in Ghana?

To say you are beautiful in the Twi language of Ghana, say “wo ho ye fɛ.” “fɛ” is a Twi language adjective that describes beauty. It can be used to describe beauty in any gender.

What is sweetheart in Twi?

Akoma mu tɔfe (literally: heart inside candy, candy of the heart) Sweetheart. M’akomam’ tɔfe. My sweetheart. Me dɔ wiase.

How do you say I miss you in Ghana?

A collection of useful phrases in Twi, a variety of Akan, a member of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo language family spoken in Ghana.

Useful phrases in Twi.

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Phrase Twi
I miss you Mafe wo
I love you Medɔ wo
Get well soon
Go away!

How do you say love in Africa?

Mahaba (mah-ha-bah) – ‘love’

What does Masa mean in Twi?

Akwaaba. Akwaaba is boldly inscribed on an overhead panel at Kotoka International Airport in Accra. It directly translates to mean ‘welcome’. If someone addresses you with this you should respond by saying ‘medaase’ (pronounced ‘me-daa-si’) which means ‘thank you’ in Twi.

What does Chale mean in Ghana?

Chale: Friend (Ga term) Chalewotey: the word for Flip-flops. ‘ Chale’ in Ga means friend or buddy and ‘Wote’ means ‘let’s go.’ So literally the word Chalewotey means ‘my friend let’s go’ and is a perfect description for the ease with which flip-flops are worn. (

How do you say my love in Ewe?

A collection of useful phrases in Ewe, a Niger-Congo language spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Useful Ewe phrases.

English Eʋegbe (Ewe)
I miss you Me susu wo lo
I love you Me lↄ wo
Get well soon Na haya kaba
Go away! Dzo le gbonye!

How do you say thank you in Ghana?

Meda wo ase/medaase (thank you)

How do you say heart in Twi?

Woyε = You are / me = my / akoma = heart / so = on,top / adeε = thing).

What is husband TWI?

noun. okunu; kunu. Akosua kunu yɛ adwuma wɔ sikakorabea | Akosua’s husband works at the bank.

How do you say handsome in Twi?

handsome adjective

  1. ho yɛ fɛ; deɛ ne ho yɛ fɛ (of a man: good-looking; one who’s good-looking)
  2. ɛsɔ ani; deɛ ɛsɔ ani (of a number/amount/quantity: considerable; sizeable)
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How do you greet someone in Ghana?

Cultural Etiquette in Ghana

  1. Always greet people from right to left, always with your right hand. …
  2. The West African handshake is used in Ghana, where the middle finger snaps the middle finger of the person you are shaking. …
  3. Always use your right hand to give and receive items, and to eat.

How do you say goodbye in Ghana?

goodbye noun

  1. ntetemu (a parting)
  2. nkra (instance of saying ‘goodbye’)

How do you say hate in Twi?

hate verb

  1. menyɛɛ no bɔne biara nso ɔtann me | I haven’t done him/her any wrong but he/she hates me.
  2. sɛ wotan me a, ɛmfa me ho | If you hate me, I don’t care.
  3. wotan Abena? | do you hate Abena?