How long does it take for Worldremit to send money to Ghana?

Usually within 24 hours. We will notify you and your recipient by email and SMS when funds are credited.

How long does it take to receive money through WorldRemit?

How long will it take for the money to arrive? In most cases, transfers sent using WorldRemit arrive within minutes. You will see the expected delivery time before you make payment. We aim to complete transfers within the suggested time, but some transfers may take longer depending on how the money is being received.

How long does it take to receive money through WorldRemit from USA to Ghana?

The funds will usually be credited within 1-2 working days. Cash pickup – Send money for cash pickup and your recipient will be able to collect the cash within minutes from thousands of pickup locations across Ghana.

Why is WorldRemit taking so long?

If your transfer is taking longer than you expect, it could be due to one of the following reasons: We may have asked you to provide additional information or documentation. You can check this by seeing if you have an email from us, or by checking your transfer status.

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Does WorldRemit work in Ghana?

With WorldRemit, you can transfer money to bank accounts in Ghana from more than 50 countries around the world, using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

How do I track my WorldRemit money?

Log in to the ‘My transfers’ section of your account to check the status of your transfer. You might also check your contact details to make sure you receive future notifications. For help with how your recipient is going to collect or receive the money, check the country and services options.

How do I track my WorldRemit money transfer?

You can also check the ‘My Transfers’ section on your WorldRemit account to view your past transfer.

  1. Website: See ‘Transfers in progress’ at the top of the page. Select a transfer to view its status.
  2. App: See ‘Transfers in progress’ at the top of the ‘Activity’ page. Select a transfer to view its status.

Does WorldRemit double your money?

How to receive money to your WorldRemit Wallet. If you’ve already activated your Wallet, you don’t need to do anything else! As soon as we’ve processed the money sent to you, we’ll add it to your Wallet in the correct currency. It’s as simple as that, and it’s also free of charge!

How many digits is WorldRemit number?

What is the WorldRemit Reference Number? WorldRemit shares this with the sender and recipient. It will usually be at least 9 digits long but in some cases it may be slightly longer. It is one of the things recipients need to show to a bank teller to pick up cash.

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What is the highest amount you can send through WorldRemit?

You can transfer money via WorldRemit from the United States to 130+ destinations across the world.

  • The maximum send amount per 24 hours is USD 9,000.
  • The maximum send amount per transaction is USD 300.
  • Click on the link for more information on Apple Pay payments.

How do I check my remittance status?

Track the status of your money transfer through our online tracking system, Remittance Tracker. Just enter the Remittance Code below and immediately get updated on your remittance. Tracking facility is only available on Pakistan based mobile numbers.

How long does it take to receive money from WorldRemit to Gcash?

Our money transfers to the Philippines arrive instantly – and if you want to send cash, over 80% of our cash pickups are ready to collect in one day.

How does WorldRemit work in Ghana?

In more than 90% of cases, transfers sent to Ghana using WorldRemit are ready in minutes. This means that funds have been sent to our local partner and are ready for collection by your recipient, or to be credited into their bank account or mobile wallet.

How does World remit work in Ghana?

You choose how much you want to send and pay online. The money will then arrive in the recipient’s account in the local currency, Ghanaian cedi. Once the mobile money transfer has been made, the recipient can use their mobile wallet to pay for goods, public transport costs and even household bills.

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How much can I send through WorldRemit to Ghana?

How much can I send for cash pickups to Ghana? A maximum of GHS 32,000 per day and per transfer. There may be lower limits depending on the country where you are sending from and the payment method used to fund the transfer.