How many municipalities are there in Uganda 2019?

The proposed municipalities are Kisoro, Kitgum, Koboko, Kumi, Nansana, Kamuli, Ibanda, Kira, Makindye Ssabagabo, Njeru and Mubende. The current number of municipalities is 22 municipalities and there 174 town councils and 204 town boards.

What is the biggest municipality in Uganda?

Note: The top four, while distinct municipalities are considered part of the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area, or GKMA.

Guide to Cities in Uganda.

City District Population
1. Kampala Kampala 1,507,080
2. Nansana Wakiso 365,124
3. Kira Town Wakiso 317,157
4. Ssabagabo Wakiso 283,272

How many districts are in Uganda currently?

As of July 2020, Uganda is divided into 135 districts and the capital city of Kampala, which are grouped into four administrative regions.

What is the richest region in Uganda?

Wakiso has the largest GDP per capita ($3,250), followed by Kampala ($2,655) and Mukono ($1,738). Central and Western Uganda tend to have larger per capita GDP estimates than Eastern and Northern Uganda.

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What is the smallest district in Uganda?

Kampala is the smallest district in Uganda and yet carries the biggest population.

Which is the second city of Uganda?

Twenty largest cities by population

Rank Name 2014 Census
1 Kampala 1,507,080
2 Nansana 365,124
3 Kira 317,157
4 Ssabagabo 283,272

How many municipalities make up Kampala?

Kampala (UK: /kæmˈpɑːlə/, US: /kɑːmˈ-/) is the capital and largest city of Uganda. The city proper has a population of 1,680,000 and is divided into the five boroughs of Kampala Central Division, Kawempe Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division, and Rubaga Division.

How meny district is Uganda?

Uganda is divided into 80 districts across 4 administrative regions. Most districts are named after their main commercial and administrative towns. 11 new districts were formed on 1 July 2006.

How many eastern districts are in Uganda?

The Eastern region is one of four regions in the country of Uganda. As of Uganda’s 2014 census, the region’s population was 9,042,422.


District Budaka
Population (Census 1991) 100,348
Population (Census 2002) 136,489
Population (Census 2014) 207,597
Chief town Budaka

How many district are in northern Uganda?

The Northern region is one of four regions in the country of Uganda.


District Lira
Population (Census 2002) 290,601
Population (Census 2014) 408,043
Map 47
Chief town Lira

Who is the most beautiful girl in Uganda?

Top 10 most beautiful female celebrities in Uganda.

  • Pia Pounds.
  • Rema Namakula.
  • Barbie Kyagulanyi.
  • Flavia Tumusiime.

Which tribe is the poorest in Uganda?

Distribution of Uganda’s Poor.

When it comes to were the poor are most found, Karamoja has the highest percentage of poor people at 74%. This is followed by West Nile at 42%, then Lango and Acholi at 35%, Eastern with 24.7%, Busoga with 24.3%, Bunyoro, Tooro and Rwenzori with 9.8%,; Ankole and Kigezi with 7.6%.

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What is the poorest city in Uganda?

Soroti is named as having one of the highest concentration of people living under the poverty line in east Uganda, with a poverty density of 53%. While the gap between rich and poor is highest in central Uganda, poverty rates in Uganda’s east range from 27% to 62%.

Who heads Uganda Prisons?

The Administrative head of the Uganda Prisons Service is the Commissioner General of Prisons (CGP) who is deputised by the Deputy Commissioner General (DCGP).

How many tribes are in Uganda?

Therefore, Uganda is a home to many tribes that speak different languages. Uganda has 56 tribes and about nine indigenous communities that formally came to be recognized in the 1995 constitution amendment of 2005.

Which flag was used in Uganda by the British?

During the colonial era the British used a British Blue ensign defaced with the colonial badge, as prescribed in 1865 regulations. Buganda, the largest of the traditional kingdoms in the colony of Uganda, had its own flag.