How many trained mental health professionals psychiatrists mental health nurses psychologists are in Nigeria for every 100000 people?

Nigeria has around one psychiatrist per 1 million population and four psychiatric nurses per 100,000 people [5].

How many psychiatrists are in Nigeria?

Taiwo Sheikh, president of the Association of Psychiatrists of Nigeria, the country only has 250 psychiatrists to serve a population of over 200 million people.

How many psychologist are in Nigeria?

Mental health professionals are rare in Nigeria, as they are in many other developing nations. In Africa’s most populous nation – a country of more than 200 million people – there are an estimated 150 practising psychologists.

How many mad people are in Nigeria?

About 25-30 percent of Nigerians are estimated to be having from some sort of mental illness. According to Nigerian Medical Association, 350 psychiatrists currently serve Nigerians with a population of about 200 million people, this was stated during the celebration of 2020 World Mental Health Day.

Does Nigeria have a national mental health policy?

The mental health policy of Nigeria is based on the principles of social justice and equity. Other principles include guaranteeing the rights of persons with mental, neurological and psychosocial disorders, as well as the integration of mental health care services into general health care services at all levels.

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Does Nigeria have a national mental health plan?

In 1991, the Federal Government of Nigeria adopted a health policy which placed provision of mental health services at the Primary Health Care level. This policy updates that policy, and reaffirms this commitment to provision of quality services that are accessible to most people in the country.

How many mental health nurses are in Nigeria?

Nigeria has around one psychiatrist per 1 million population and four psychiatric nurses per 100,000 people [5].

What is the most common mental illness in Nigeria?

Depression is the most common illness that affects mental health. In a global survey, Nigeria ranked 15 in the number of suicides per year.

Which mental disorder has the highest prevalence in Nigeria?

Anxiety disorders were the most common (5.7% lifetime, 4.1% 12-month rates) but virtually no generalised anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder were identified. Of the 23% who had seriously disabling disorders, only about 8% had received treatment in the preceding 12 months.

What is the rate of depression in Nigeria?

Fact 1: Depression in Nigeria is more common than we think.

Depression is a significant public health problem, and at a prevalence rate of 3.9%, 7 million Nigerians currently suffer from it (1). Several studies conducted among different populations have however reported a much higher prevalence.

How do I become a psychiatrist in Nigeria?

They first do a medical degree at university. Next they spend at least one or two years training as a general doctor. They then complete at least five years training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Psychologists have at least six years of university training and supervised experience.

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What is the state of mental health in Nigeria?

Nigeria currently faces a global human rights emergency in mental health. Underpinned by poor societal attitudes towards mental illness and inadequate resources, facilities, and mental health staff, figures suggest that approximately 80% of individuals with serious mental health needs in Nigeria cannot access care.