How much does an apartment cost in Kenya?

How much is building an apartment in Kenya?

And in terms of feet, the average building rates in Kenya stretch from Shs 3,135 per square foot to about Shs 6,785 per square foot. A standard residential house in Nairobi, for instance, will cost you about Kshs 33,450 per square metre if you’re constructing with basic technology and finishes.

Is it cheap to live in Kenya?

Cost of living in Kenya is, on average, 51.29% lower than in United States. … Rent in Kenya is, on average, 79.00% lower than in United States.

What’s the average house price in Kenya?

The average price for a 1-3 bedroom residential property is currently KES 14.4 million (US$140,666), while the average price for a 4-6 bedroom residential property is KES 39.1 million (US$ 381,948). In Kenya, most property purchases are for cash.

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How much does it cost to build a 2 bedroom flat in Kenya?

Construction cost is estimated at a minimum of KES 35,000 per square meter. The house size is mainly 2 ,3 and 4 bedroomed, with a minimum size of 100 m2. The two bedroomed unit will cost approximately KES 3.5m to construct.

How much does a 2 bedroom house cost in Kenya?

The cost of building a 2 bedroom house in rural Kenya can cost an average of Ksh. 400,000 to Ksh. 1,000,000.

How much does it cost to build a 3 storey apartment?

The term apartment can be applied in many different ways, from a small owner-occupied stick-built building to a major high-rise with 30 stories and 20 units per floor.

Multi-family Apartment Construction Cost Per Story.

Number of Stories Cost per Square Foot Average Range of Total Costs
3-Story $85-$225 $3.1-$3.4 million

Is 50 dollars a lot in Kenya?

Daily Money Needed for Traveling in Kenya – I would say that if you have anywhere from $20 on the lowest end to $50 per day, depending on your style of travel and what sites you want to visit, you will be able to accomplish a lot and have a very enjoyable time in Kenya.

How much money do I need to live comfortably in Kenya?

2018 figures from Numbeo show that a four-person family living in Nairobi can expect to spend Ksh193,854.79 a month simply on living costs — this figure doesn’t include rent or mortgage expenses. Kenya’s fast broadband service costs Khs5,507.69 a month.

Does it snow in Kenya?

Snow and rain are common from March to December, but especially in the two wet seasons. The wet seasons combined account for 5/6 of the annual precipitation.

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Is Kenya a good place to live?

Conclusion. In spite of several drawbacks, Kenya is generally a good place to live. The climate is nice, people are friendly, and the cost of living is generally reasonable.

Why are houses so expensive in Kenya?

In Nairobi, construction costs makes the largest component of house prices followed by taxes (VAT & Sales). Most costs are usually passed on to buyers in the form of higher house prices and house rents.

Can foreigner buy a house in Kenya?

The simple answer is yes, non-citizens can own property in Kenya and enjoy all legal rights and protections that Kenyan citizens enjoy, however they are subject to restrictions with regard to the kind of tenure they can hold in land and are also prevented from owning or dealing with agricultural land.

How cheaply can you build in Kenya?

How to Build Cheaply in Kenya

  1. Adopt Cheap House Designs. Choosing a house design is the first step when building a home. …
  2. Consider New Technology. …
  3. Engage Professionals. …
  4. Buy Materials Yourself. …
  5. Be Wary of Cheap Bargains. …
  6. Recycle Materials. …
  7. Do It Yourself. …
  8. Close Supervision.

How much can a 3 bedroom house cost in Kenya?

The average cost of building a 3 bedroom house in Kenya is Kenya shillings 2.5 million. The cost varies depending on where you are buying the materials from and location.

How many blocks can build a 3 bedroom house in Kenya?

Ultimately, the total number of blocks required to complete the construction = 903 + 1452 + 677 = 3032 blocks (disregarding wastage).

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