How much does it cost to study nursing in Ghana?

How much does nursing training cost in Ghana? Regardless of one’s mode of payment, the school fees may range from GH¢ 2,220 to GH¢ 3,702.

How much does it take to study nursing in Ghana?

It takes 3 years to complete a diploma program in nursing or midwifery in Ghana. Bachelor degree applicants should prepare to clock in about 4 years.

What subjects do you need to become a nurse in Ghana?


  • Credit passes (A1-C6/A-D) in the following Core Subjects: English. Mathematics. Intergrated Science.
  • Credit passes (A1-C6/A-D) in any of the following: General Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) General Arts. Home Economics (Food and Nutrition) General Agriculture with Chemistry or Physics.

What grades do you need to get into nursing?

8 Tips If You Want to Become a Nurse But Have Bad Grades

  • Taking any prerequisite courses.
  • Meeting the minimum GPA. For Bachelor in Nursing (BSN) programs the minimum GPA is usually at least 3.0. For an Associate Degree the minimum GPA ranges from 2.0 to 2.8.
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Where can I study nursing in Ghana?

Universities Offering BSc Nursing(Nursing)

  • Presbyterian University College Ghana, Eastern Region. …
  • Central University College, Accra.
  • Ghana Baptist University College, Kumasi.
  • University for Development Studies(Wa Campus), Tamale.
  • KAAF University College, Accra.
  • Pentecost University College, Accra.

How much are nurses paid Ghana?

Registered Nurse Salaries

Job Title Salary
Ghana Health Service Registered Nurse salaries – 9 salaries reported GHS 2,000/mo
Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Registered Nurse salaries – 3 salaries reported GHS 2,000/mo
Ghana National Service Scheme Registered Nurse salaries – 1 salaries reported GHS 1,800/mo

Which course is best for nursing?

Nursing or General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)? Undoubtedly, if a person wants to make a magnificent career in the sphere of the healthcare industry, then Nursing course is better than General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM).

How many years does it take to become a nurse in Ghana?

It takes 3 years to complete a diploma program in nursing or midwifery in Ghana. Bachelor degree applicants should prepare to clock in about 4 years.

Nursing Programs.

Nursing Programs Training Duration Examination
General Nursing & Midwifery 3 and 1/2 years 3 years from 2015-2016 Nursing Examination Board

How many courses are there in nursing?

There are majorly three types of Nursing courses in India that are mentioned below. Degree Nursing Courses: The degree courses in Nursing are offered at both, UG as well as PG level. The duration of these courses usually varies from 2 years to 4 years.

What course does Karol School of Nursing in Ghana offer?

2.1.2 Diploma Programmes

Registered General Nursing. Registered Mental Nursing. Registered Midwifery (Females only) Registered Community Health Nursing.

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How many years does it take to become a nurse?

However, the ADN is the most common route to become a registered nurse, and usually takes two years or less, if you choose an accelerated degree program.

How do I apply for nursing training in Ghana?

Health Training Institution

  1. Purchase a voucher for 200GH from GCB or ADB.
  2. Visit ‘’
  3. Click on apply located on top of this page.
  4. Enter serial and pin found on voucher.
  5. Fill form with your details.
  6. Attach certificate/s and photo.
  7. Submit and print-out application summary.

Who qualifies for nursing in Ghana?

Who qualifies for nursing in Ghana? The candidate must be between 18-35 years old. Students with WASSCE results should have a minimum aggregate score of 30 in six subjects, in 3 core and three elective subjects. A potential student should have at least credits (A1-E8) in 3 core and three elective subjects.

Does Knust offer nursing?

We offer a range of undergraduate courses leading to the awards of Bachelor of Science in General Nursing, Emergency Nursing and Midwifery.

Is nursing offered in Legon?

The School currently runs a 4year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programme with options in the final year. The options are: Paediatrics Nursing, General Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Community Nursing and Midwifery. Every academic year has two semesters with 16 weeks in each semester.