How much is Egypt in debt?

In terms of absolute figures, Egypt’s external debt nearly quadrupled from $36.775 billion in 2010 to $137.8 billion in June 2021. The public sector’s debt stood at $98.857 billion.

How much debt does Egypt have?

In 2020, the national debt of Egypt amounted to around 334.53 billion U.S. dollars.

What is the national debt of Egypt for 2020 and 2021?

In 2020, the national debt of Egypt amounted to approximately 89.84 percent of the GDP.

Egypt: National debt from 2016 to 2026 in relation to gross domestic product (GDP)

Characteristic National debt in relation to GDP
2022* 89.49%
2021* 91.36%
2020 89.84%
2019 84.21%

Which country has the most debt in money?


Rank Country/Region Per capita US dollars
1 United States 60,526
2 United Kingdom 127,000
3 France 87,200
4 Germany 69,000

Why is Egypt in debt?

Key to Egypt’s position is the foreign investment that’s piled into the debt market since a 2016 currency devaluation. Overseas holdings in local bonds and bills tumbled in early 2020 due to the pandemic, before rebounding to reach about $33 billion in August.

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Is Egypt a low income country?

Egypt is classified by the World Bank as a lower middle-income country, with a GNI per capita of US$ 3,000 in 2020.

Is Egypt’s economy improving?

Egypt was one of the few emerging market countries that experienced a positive growth rate in 2020. As a result of the government’s swift and prudent policy response, coupled with IMF support, the Egyptian economy showed resilience in the face of the pandemic.

Is Jordan in debt?

Jordan: National debt from 2016 to 2026* in relation to gross domestic product (GDP)

Characteristic National debt in relation to GDP
2020* 87.98%
2019 78.02%
2018 75.06%
2017 76.02%

What country has no debt?

Brunei is one of the countries with the lowest debt. It has a debt to GDP ratio of 2.46 percent among a population of 439,000 people, which makes it the world’s country with the lowest debt. Brunei is a very small country located in southeast Asia.

What country is most in debt 2021?

Japan, with its population of 127,185,332, has the highest national debt in the world at 234.18% of its GDP, followed by Greece at 181.78%. Japan’s national debt currently sits at ¥1,028 trillion ($9.087 trillion USD).

Why is Japan debt so high?

The public debt of Japan has continued to rise in response to a number of challenges, including but not limited to the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-08, the Tōhoku Earthquake in 2011, and the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in late 2019 which also held ramifications for Tokyo’s hosting of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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Who does Egypt owe?

In addition to its $20.2 billion in government-to-government debt, Egypt owes $14 billion, including $8.7 billion to Western commercial banks and other private institutions and several billion dollars to the Soviet Union and other Eastern European nations.

How much does Egypt owe to the IMF?

What are the terms of payment of this loan? The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved on June 24, 2020 a 12-month Stand-By Arrangement for Egypt, with access equivalent to SDR 3.76 billion (about US$ [5.4] billion or 184.8 percent of quota).

Is Egypt richer than India?

Egypt has a GDP per capita of $12,700 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.