How much is water tank in Nigeria?

How much does a 5000 Litre water tank cost?

Plastic 5000 Liters Sintex Water Tank, Rs 37500 /piece Pooja Trading Co.

How much does a 1000 Litre water tank cost?

1000L Plastic 1000 Litre Water Tank, Rs 4400 /piece JP Enterprises | ID: 15172548648.

How much does a 500 Litre tank cost?

Plastic 500 Ltr Sintex Water Tank, Capacity (litres): 500 L, Rs 3500 /piece | ID: 14839528630.

What is the cost of 2000 Litre water tank?

White 2000 Ltr 4 Layer Water Tank, Storage Capacity (litres): 2000 L, Rs 7000 /piece | ID: 16586214148.

What is the cost of 3000 Litre water tank?

Plastic 3000 Liters Sintex Water Tank, Rs 22500 /piece Pooja Trading Co.

Which water tank has the best 1000 LTR price?

1000 Litre = Rs 6000. 2000 Litre = Rs 12,000. 3000 Litre = Rs 18,000.

What is price of water tank?

Questions & Answers on Water Tanks

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Storage Capacity Min Price Max Price
1000L Rs 2300/Piece Rs 49750/Piece
1500L Rs 3800/Piece Rs 14750/Piece
2000L Rs 4/Litre Rs 6/Litre
2000L Rs 3800/Piece Rs 49000/Piece

How much is the price of water tank?

Water Tank Price Comparison Table Poly vs Steel

Size Best Material Average Starting Price **
1,000 Litre Poly $750 – $1,500
5,000 Litre Poly $1,500 – $2,500
10,000 Litre Poly $3,000 – $4,000
25,000 Litre Steel $5,500 – $7,000

How much do water tanks cost?

Fuel or Water Tank Cost by Size

Tank size Cost
1,000 gallons $800 – $2,500
2,000 gallons $1,500 – $3,000
5,000 gallons $2,500 – $4,000
10,000 gallons $8,000 – $15,000

How much does a 1500 Litre water tank cost?

Plastic Triple Layer White Water Tank-1500 Litres, Rs 9000 /piece | ID: 13770256088.

What is the cost of Plasto water tank?

Questions & Answers on Plasto Water Tanks

Brand Min Price Max Price
Plasto Rs 6/Litre Rs 10/Litre
Plasto Rs 3000/Piece Rs 6000/Piece

Which Colour water tank is best?

Dark-colored water tanks absorb more heat in the Sun, which can result in the water becoming warm or hot rather than refreshing if used for purposes such as drinking, etc. Warmer water offers a better environment for bacteria to grow and breed. Some colored poly mixes last longer than others in the UV light.

Which water tank is best for home?

Best Overhead Water Tank for Home in India

  • Ocean Water Tank. This overhead water tank from the Ocean brand that offers a wide range of pipes and public utilities too. …
  • Sintex Triple Layer Plastic Water Tank 1000L. …
  • Nagmagic Water Tank. …
  • Plasto Water Tank. …
  • IRA Loft Plastic Water Tank. …
  • DELBERT ENGINEERS Stainless Steel Water Tank.
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What is 3 layer water tank?

Triple-layered: These tanks have an outer layer that protects from UV rays and another layer, which enhances the visibility of tanks interior. These tanks are highly-durable, leak-proof, also rust and corrosion-free.

Which water tank is best for health?

Introducing the Best Quality Made Water Storage Tanks in India from LEADER WATER TANK. Leader water tanks from inside are made from virgin polyethylene layer which is a good food grade material and outside layer is UV stabilized for resistance to harmful Ultra violet Sun-Rays .