Is lira a city in Uganda?

Lira Uganda is Located in the Northern region of Uganda. It is located approximately 110 kilometers by road to the southwest of Gulu, the largest city in the northern region and 124 kilometers northwest of Soroti.

Is lira a city?

Lira is a city in the Northern Region of Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial centre of Lira District.

Is lira a district?

Welcome to Lira District

Lira District is a district in Northern Uganda. Like many other Ugandan districts, it is named after its ‘chief town’, Lira.

How many cities do we have in Uganda?

In May 2019, the Cabinet of Uganda approved the creation of 15 cities, in a phased manner, over the course of the next one to three years, as illustrated in the table below. The 7 of the 15 cities started operations on 1 July 2020 as approved by the Parliament of Uganda.

What language do they speak in Lira Uganda?

In 2012, the population of Lira District was estimated at about 403,100. The majority of the population are ethnic Langi and the predominant language spoken is Lwo.

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Is Uganda a South African?

Uganda is located in eastern Africa, west of Kenya, south of South Sudan, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and north of Rwanda and Tanzania. It is in the heart of the Great Lakes region, and is surrounded by three of them, Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Victoria.

How much is from Kampala to Gulu?

The cheapest way to get from Kampala to Gulu is to drive which costs $29 – $45 and takes 4h 49m. What is the fastest way to get from Kampala to Gulu? The quickest way to get from Kampala to Gulu is to drive which costs $29 – $45 and takes 4h 49m.

How many districts are in Lango sub region?

The Lango sub-region is currently divided into 9 districts of Alebtong, Amolatar, Apac, Dokolo, Kole, Lira, Oyam, Otuke and Kwania District. It’s a relatively urbanized region with two Municipalities in Lira and Apac districts where manufacturing, trade and services are evidently booming.

Which is the poorest tribe in Uganda?

Distribution of Uganda’s Poor.

When it comes to were the poor are most found, Karamoja has the highest percentage of poor people at 74%. This is followed by West Nile at 42%, then Lango and Acholi at 35%, Eastern with 24.7%, Busoga with 24.3%, Bunyoro, Tooro and Rwenzori with 9.8%,; Ankole and Kigezi with 7.6%.

Which one is the biggest district in Uganda?

These cities are spread out through the country’s 4 main regions and many districts. The 4 regions are Central or Buganda, Western, Eastern, and Northern.

Guide to Cities in Uganda.

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City District Population
1. Kampala Kampala 1,507,080
2. Nansana Wakiso 365,124
3. Kira Town Wakiso 317,157
4. Ssabagabo Wakiso 283,272

What is the most populated city in Uganda?

The largest city in Uganda is Kampala, with a population of 1,353,189 people.


Name 2021 Population
Kampala 1,353,189
Gulu 146,858
Lira 119,323
Mbarara 97,500

How do you say hello in Luganda?

Hi: Ki kati the ki is pronounced Chi. How are you?: Oli Otya.

Is Uganda a poor country?

In Uganda, 41% of people live in poverty, and almost half of Uganda’s population is under the age of 15, representing one of the youngest populations in the world. Uganda also hosts the largest refugee population in Africa—more than one million refugees have fled their home countries to seek asylum in Uganda.

How many tribes are in Uganda?

Therefore, Uganda is a home to many tribes that speak different languages. Uganda has 56 tribes and about nine indigenous communities that formally came to be recognized in the 1995 constitution amendment of 2005.