Is Rivers State an Igbo state?

Their language is also called Igbo. The primary Igbo states in Nigeria are Anambra, Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, and Enugu States. The Igbos also are more than 25% of the population in some Nigerian States like Delta State and Rivers State.

Is Port Harcourt an Igbo city?

The Igbo are “very much a minority” in Port Harcourt; the city is dominated by coastal peoples, including the Ikwerre, Ijaw and Ogoni, among others. … Many people who live in Port Harcourt are highly educated and have learned English at school.

Are Ikwerre Igbos?

The Ikwerre (natively known as Iwhuruọha) are one of the Igbo Subgroups in Rivers State. Traditional history has classified Ikwerre into seven groups called “Ikwerre Essa”.

What tribe is Rivers State?

Rivers State is the sixth-largest geographic area in Nigeria according to 2006 census data. The state has an indigenously diverse population with major riverine and upland divisions. The dominant ethnic groups are: Ogoni, Ijaw and Ikwerre.

Is OBIO akpor Igbo?

They are part of the larger Igbo ethnic group. The Ikwerre constitute the majority of Rivers state, they speak the Ikwerre language and are predominantly settled in the Ikwerre, Obio-Akpor , Port Harcourt and Emohua local government areas. … Igbo scholars take Ikwerre as part of the Southern Igbo.

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Who is the father of Igbos?

The father of the Igbo people is Eri. Eri is the god-like founder of what is today Nigeria and is believed to have settled the region around 948.

Is Agbor A Igbo?

Agbor is regarded as the largest city among the Igbo Nation. It is located in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, in South-south geo-political zone of Nigeria, West Africa.

Are Delta Igbos?

Delta State is a state in Nigeria, comprising mainly Igbo (Anioma people), Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw and Itsekiri. The whole ethnic-groups that comprise the Delta are administratively grouped into three senatorial districts namely Delta North, Delta South and Delta Central for easy administrative purposes.

Are the Igbos from Israel?

The Igbo are one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups. Among them is a minority of practicing Jews who believe they are descended from the “lost tribes” of Israel.

Is opobo Igbo or Ijaw?

Opobo, otherwise known as Opubo, is a city-state in the southern region of Nigeria. The Kingdom was founded in 1870 by King Jaja, originally an Igbo from Amaigbo in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State.


Opobo Opubo
State Rivers State
Founded by King Jaja of Opobo
• Amanyanabo Dandeson Douglas Jaja V

How many tribes are there in Rivers State?

The dominant ethnic groups are: Ikwerre, Ijaw and Ogoni. Upland Rivers State covering about 61% is composed mainly of Ikwerre and Ogoni, although there are many other minority people in the region.

Our People.

1 2
Abua Andoni
10 11
Kalabari Kula
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When was Rivers State created in Nigeria?

On 27 May 1967, under the administration of General Yakubu Gowon, Decree No. 14 was issued, allowing the creation of Rivers State.

Is Asaba Igbo?

Demographics. Igbo people constitute sixty-three percent of the total population of Asaba,and are indigenous to Asaba. Since becoming the administrative capital of Delta State, Asaba has grown in population to over half a million people.

Which LGA is Igbo Etche?

Specifically, Etche (Echie) is an ethnic group in Rivers state, southern Nigeria. They inhabit two Local Government Areas, namely Etche Local Government Area and Omuma LGA.

Which LGA is WOJI?

Woji River drainage basin is situated at the heart of Obio-Akpor Local Government Area in Port Har- court metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria.