Question: How many branches does Access Bank have in Ghana?

Today, Access Bank serves nearly the entire population across 52 locations in major cities and commercial centres.

How many branches does Access Bank have?

Access Bank Plc. is a leading full-service commercial Bank operating through a network of more than 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 12 countries and 31 million customers.

Which bank has the most branches in Ghana?

As of June 2020, Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) had 185 branches across Ghana, leading in the count among financial institutions the country. This was followed by Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited and Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Limited with 106 and 83 branches, respectively.

Who is the owner of Access Bank Ghana?

Access Bank (Ghana) Plc. announces the appointment of Mr. Olumide Olatunji as its new Managing Director, effective December 5, 2018.

Did access bank close some branches?

The attention of Access Bank Plc (‘the Bank’) has been drawn to rumours circulating in the news media that the Bank is closing over 300 of its branches in Nigeria and downsizing its workforce by 75%. … The Bank has only suspended operations in some branches following the directive by the CBN.

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How strong is Access Bank?

Access Bank has demonstrated growth since it was last ranked as the fifth most valuable Nigerian bank in the 2017 Banking 500 report. The Bank now ranks second with a valuation of $242 million.

How many branches does Zenith Bank have in Ghana?

The Zenith brand

The Bank’s main service delivery channels include thirty-eight (38) business locations (branches and agencies) as well as numerous ATMs and Point of Sale terminals strategically located in various cities and towns across Ghana.

Which bank is the richest bank in Ghana?

Ghana Commercial Bank Limited (GHS 2.463 billion)

This makes GCB the richest bank in Ghana in terms of its assets. It is a bank that has over 205 ATMs with a total of a hundred and sixty (160) branches nationwide.

What are the top 5 banks in Ghana?

Top 10 best banks in Ghana in 2021

  • CAL Bank.
  • Ecobank Ghana.
  • Fidelity Bank of Ghana.
  • GCB- Ghana Commercial Bank.
  • First Atlantic Bank (FAB)
  • Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Ltd.
  • National Investment Bank.
  • Prudential Bank Limited.

What is the interest rate of Access Bank Ghana?

Features and Benefits

Interest rate of 3% p.a.

Is access bank a local bank?

Access Bank Plc is a full service commercial Bank operating through a network of over 600 branches and service outlets located in major centres across Nigeria, Sub Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.

What’s the code for access bank?

*901# is Access Bank’s USSD code that allows you to transact and enjoy banking services conveniently from your phone, without the use of airtime or data. This service is available 24/7.

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Who is the current chairman of Access Bank?

Herbert Wigwe (Jan 2014–)
Access Bank Group/Генеральный директор
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