Question: Is English spoken in Kenya?

The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili. English is the language of big business, higher education and government. … The standard spoken Swahili is usually considered the dialect of Zanzibar.

What percentage of Kenya speaks English?

There doesn’t appear to exist any recent statistics as to the number of English speakers in Kenya, but as English is taught in public schools, we can assume that most educated individuals speak English to a certain degree, which puts the percentage at around 30-50% of the population.

Can you speak English in Kenya?

The country’s two official languages — and the ones you’ll hear and see used most frequently — are English and Swahili, which is considered the lingua franca of southeastern Africa for its widespread usage and ubiquity in the areas of trade, commerce, communications and education.

How well do Kenyans speak English?

Kenya has been ranked position 18 out of 100 in a global standing of countries and regions in English proficiency, beating European, American and Asian countries.

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Is English spoken in Nairobi?

Many different languages are spoken across the country as each population has its own dialect. The most common are Kikuyu, Dholuo and Kamba. Sheng, a Swahili-based slang mixed with English is widely spoken in Nairobi.

Which country speaks worst English?

2021 rankings

2021 Rank Country 2021 Proficiency Band
109 Rwanda Very Low Proficiency
110 Democratic Republic of Congo Very Low Proficiency
111 South Sudan Very Low Proficiency
112 Yemen Very Low Proficiency

Is Kenya a poor country?

Although Kenya’s economy is the largest and most developed in eastern and central Africa, 36.1% (2015/2016) of its population lives below the international poverty line. This severe poverty is mainly caused by economic inequality, government corruption and health problems.

Is French spoken in Kenya?

English is the official language; however, Setswana is the first language. … Ghana’s government wants to make French the second official language of the country. Kenya. Official languages are English and Swahili.

Why do Kenyans have English names?

It is said that the British colonialists decided to give Kenyans Christian names as they could not pronounce our African names. This explanation sounds plausible given they did mispronounce Mt. Kirinyaga as Mt. Kenya.

How do u say hello in Kenya?

The most common greeting among those who speak Swahili is ‘Hujambo’ (‘Hello’) or the more colloquial greeting of ‘Jambo’. Both greetings can be responded with the phrase ‘sijambo’, which means ‘I am well’. Other common greetings in contemporary Kenya include ‘sasa’ or ‘Mambo’.

Which country in Africa speaks fluent English?

1. Uganda. Uganda comes at number one in the list of African countries where people speak the best English. This landlocked country has a diverse landscape and has a population of 45 million, out of which approximately 29 million speak the English language.

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How is Kenya ranked in Africa?

Kenya is ranked 28th among 47 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and its overall score is below the regional and world averages.

Is Swahili a written language?

Although originally written with the Arabic script, Swahili is now written in a Latin alphabet introduced by Christian missionaries and colonial administrators.

Does Kenya use British or American English?

Vocabulary. As Kenyans generally use British English, vocabulary in Kenyan English is very similar to that of British English.

Is Swahili spoken in Kenya?

Kenya: Ethnic groups and languages

Kenya, the lingua franca is Swahili.

What is the status of English in Kenya?

Today, English is the official language in Kenya, while Swahili enjoys the status of the national language. Both languages function as lingua francas, yet English enjoys a greater prestige and it serves more functions than Swahili. English is used for administrational and educational purposes and also in the media.