Question: What is the meaning of Omalicha in Igbo?

The name OMALICHA is an igbo word, which means BEAUTY.

What is the meaning of Chukwu Olisa?

God who is creating or God who is the creator. See also Chukwu, Olisa.

What does Imela mean in Igbo?

Imela! Okaka, Onyekeruwa (meaning Thank you! thank you!

What does Ighotago mean in Igbo?

Apr 19, 2019. It’s “ighotago” meaning “do u understand “ unless that’s not what u wanna say.

What is the meaning of chimamanda?

The name Chimamanda is primarily a female name of African – Nigeria origin that means My God Will Not Fall/Fail Me. The name was brought into contemporary culture by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous Nigerian writer.

What is the meaning of Zirachi?

Meaning : Ask/ send God to do anything for you, and he will.

What is the meaning of Ezemmuo?

An Ezemmuo in Igbo land is the mouthpiece of the gods. He’s the chief priest who speaks truth to power.

What is Odum in Igbo?

The common Igbo phrase; Odum n’egbu Agu, translates to Lion that kill Leopard.

What does Dalu mean in Igbo?

thank you. interjection. en an expression of gratitude.

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What does ODI Egwu meaning?

“Odiegwu” is often used sarcastically when someone has said something that makes you shake your head in wonder. It means ‘wonderful’.

What does Anuofia mean?

Anuofia. Definition: Wild animal. Example: May your road be rough.

What is Igbotic?

Igbo, also called Ibo, people living chiefly in southeastern Nigeria who speak Igbo, a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family. The Igbo may be grouped into the following main cultural divisions: northern, southern, western, eastern or Cross River, and northeastern.

What is the meaning of chisom?

Meaning : God is with me.