Question: What should I pack for Uganda?

What can you not wear in Uganda?

Short, tight or revealing clothes should be avoided. And our advice would be to avoid wearing shorts – most Ugandan women would not wear these; they wear skirts or dresses that usually cover the knees. A long skirt or loose-fitting trousers are good in the heat and will protect you from the sun.

What should I wear in Kampala?

If you are visiting a home wear a dress or skirt that is right for the occasion and a man should wear trousers and a shirt. Ugandans see themselves as conservative people and for the most part, they are, even the trendiest women will wear a pair of jeans, leggings with a short skirt.

What should I pack for a mission trip to Uganda?

Quick to dry.

  • 3 loose khaki trousers for the guys, and a combo of knee length or longer skirts/dresses and loose trousers for women.
  • 3 button up shirts, t-shirts and/or sleeveless tops. …
  • One nice outfit in case of a party or other event. …
  • 1 bathing suit and 1 pair shorts. …
  • 1 long sleeved shirt.
  • Light weight rain poncho.
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What is considered rude in Uganda?

In Ugandan culture and etiquette, it’s considered rude to directly point at people when in a conversation. You should use the the whole hand/arm to point to someone. With your palm facing upwards and then motioning in a small down stroke (like throwing a yo-yo) has a variety of vague meanings.

Are Ugandans friendly?

In a recent survey of African Nations, Uganda ranked in the top ten friendliest and welcoming countries in Africa. Visitors to both Uganda are often concerned are about their safety and well-being. … Visitors often feel safer, more secure, and more welcomed in the Pearl of Africa than in their own country.

Which language is mostly spoken in Uganda?

English, inherited from the colonial period, and Swahili are the official languages; the latter was added in 2005. There is also a Ugandan Sign Language.

Does it snow in Uganda?

There are no organised Uganda ski areas and indeed the country very rarely sees any snow, but the country’s Ruwenzori Mountains, which lie along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are some of the highest on the continent reaching heights of up to 5,109m (16,761 feet) and have glaciers on their upper …

Is it expensive to travel to Uganda?

Uganda is not an expensive country to visit, but the facilities are not what you might expect in neighboring Kenya or Tanzania, as tourism is not as common. Your best approach is to relax and go with the flow.

Is it safe to live in Uganda?

Regional Security, Terrorism and Organized Crime

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While Uganda is generally viewed as a safe, secure and politically stable country within the region, its extensive and porous borders are inadequately policed, allowing for a robust flow of illicit trade and immigration.

What is the traditional clothing in Uganda?

A typical Ugandan men’s traditional costume is Kanzu. Kanz is a traditional cotton cloth costume brought by Arab merchants since the late 19th century. Made in simple white, loose-fitting ankle-length clothing was the standard clothing for Swahili men such as Uganda and Tanzania.

What should I wear in East Africa?

We strongly recommend bringing a light jacket, sweater or fleece, a long pair of pants and something warm to sleep in. If you are especially sensitive to cooler weather, you may also want a hat and gloves. Some camps provide space heaters, but it’s also wise to be prepared with warm layers and warm pajamas.

How do you get around in Uganda?

How To Get Around In Uganda

  1. Taxis. You can use a taxi which comes in form of vans and mostly have a capacity of about 14 people. …
  2. Boda Boda motor cycles. A trip on a boda boda motorcycle fills travelers with adventure experiences though it can be scary. …
  3. Special hire taxi. …
  4. Buses. …
  5. Car rental. …
  6. Air Travel.

How do you say good morning in Uganda?

Wasuze otya nno: Good morning.

What is the average salary in Uganda?

The salary range for people working in Uganda is typically from 516,670.00 UGX (minimum salary) to 2,277,148.00 UGX (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

What is the culture like in Uganda?

There are a wide range of ethnic groups in Uganda with many different languages spoken, namely Luganda (most common), English (only a small portion speak it), Bantu, Swahili, Nilotic and Lumasaba. Christians make up 85.2% of Uganda’s population, there are a certain amount of Sikhs and Hindus, and 12% are Muslims.

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