Quick Answer: How do I register a pharmacy in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to register a pharmacy in Nigeria?

Licensing Fees

Category Licence Fee
N3,000 10 – 14 Years Post Registration
N1,500 9 Years Post Registration
N1,500 NYSC
$100 Pharmacists resident Abroad

Can a non pharmacist own a pharmacy in Nigeria?

only a pharmacist is permitted to own and open a pharmacy… … PS: any individual (non-pharmacists) is permitted to open a patent medicine store (chemist store) so long you are ready to join their association – PATENT MEDICINE DEALERS OF NIGERIA. Chemist stores are not permitted to sell injectibles.

What is procedure of registration of pharmacy?

Proof of Identification and Proof of residence in state applying for registration. Date of Birth Proof. Practical training certificate (For D. Pharmacy students only) … Letter from pharmacy institution/college showing its approval from PCI for the year in which candidate qualifies for its diploma/degree.

Can I open a pharmacy without being a pharmacist?

1- Pharmacy Licence

One of the major requirements for opening a medical store is to be qualified and secure a Pharmacy License. For the person to open a medical store and be a qualified pharmacist, they need to secure the degree of B. Pharm or M.

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Can anyone own a pharmacy in Nigeria?

Also, only trained & certified pharmacists have the legal right to set up a pharmacy in Nigeria. If you have the capital and want to venture into this business, you would have to employ a qualified pharmacist or go into partnership with one.

Who is the best pharmacist in Nigeria?

Pharm. Olujimi Kolawole Agbaje, FPSN: He is the Chairman of Epic Pharmaceutical and Managing Director of Jay Kay Pharmacy Ltd, a Fellow of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (FPSN) and West Africa Postgraduate College of Pharmacist (WAPCP).

How much do you need to start a pharmacy business in Nigeria?

With present economic realities it will take around 5 to 10 million Naira to set up a standard and modern pharmacy shop in Nigeria (don’t forget a pharmacy is different from a chemist shop). The cost of opening a pharmacy is quite high if you want to follow surgical process and legimate means.

Can a pharmacy technician open pharmacy?

And in a society where no one is obeying the rule, why should everyone not do what they are not empowered to do. What this means is that Pharmacy technicians and technologist now can open their own drugs selling outlets. From the article in Punch newspaper, they show that they have already won a court case against PCN.

Can a pharmacy technician become a pharmacist?

Many pharmacy technicians possess a number of skills required to progress towards a more clinically-focused role and have the potential to become great pharmacists. … At present, the five-year (including preregistration training) MPharm degree remains the only way to a career as a pharmacist.

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How do I get my license after pharmacy?

A d. pharm can get there licence after passing diploma . They have to do practical traning in hospitals and after traning they collect there certificate and all documents form the college . Go to state council and apply for licence.

Can I rent my pharmacy license?

Renting out registration certificate to others is illegal and has been bringing a bad name to the industry, but pharmacists say they are left with little choice and have to do it out of desperation for money. … People who are renting out their registration certificate have a proper job and are not jobless.

What is the salary of drug inspector?

The salary structure of a drug inspector appointed by the central government could be different from the ones appointed by state governments. As per the Pay Matrix Level – 7, a drug inspector earns anywhere from INR 44,900 per months to INR 1,42,400 per month. The initial salary usually starts with INR 40,000 or above.

Is it profitable to own a pharmacy?

According to Drug Channels, the 2017 profit margin for independent pharmacies was 21.8%. It’s a healthy margin, but one that has been on a steady decline over the last several years. It’s important to note that this is still one of the highest profit margins among any industry in the market today.