Quick Answer: How much is a doctor paid in Kenya?

How much a doctor earns in Kenya?

Here in Kenya, a doctors salary per month ranges between Ksh. 28,000 to Ksh. 400,000. The salary is high because doctors are among the important people and among the learned people in the country.

How much is a surgeon paid in Kenya?

The range of salary of orthopedic surgeons in Kenya is between Ksh 219,000 monthly. Medical Doctors. (Average Salary Ksh 139,000).

How much a doctor earns per month?

A person working in Doctor / Physician in India typically earns around 75,000 INR per month. Salaries range from 27,600 INR (lowest average) to 127,000 INR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

How much is a dentist paid in Kenya?

A dentist salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 380,980 per month and can go up to Ksh. 580,000 per month for a highly experienced dentist including all the allowances. Yes, this is how much a dentist is paid in Kenya on a monthly basis.

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How much does a junior doctor earn in Kenya?

As per the structure of doctors’ salaries, intern doctors salary in Kenya starts from KSH 207,000 per month inclusive of allowances.

How much is a neurosurgeon paid in Kenya?

The salary of a Neurosurgeon in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 572,000 per month. As a result, the Neurosurgeon weekly salary can be estimated to be approximately Ksh. 140,000.

How much is a nurse paid in Kenya?

Nurse Salaries

Job Title Salary
Ministry of Health Kenya Registered Nurse salaries – 3 salaries reported KES 50,000/mo
Government of Kenya Registered Nurse salaries – 2 salaries reported KES 64,500/mo
Kenyatta National Hospital Registered Nurse salaries – 2 salaries reported KES 47,500/mo

How much is a pilot paid in Kenya?

Salary of a pilot in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh. 132,000 per month to as high as Ksh. 420,000 per month. This pilot salary in Kenya is inclusive of all allowances including housing, transport, medical allowances, among others.

How much does intern doctor earn in Kenya?

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) signed with the Council of Governors (CoG) will see the lowest-paid doctor (intern) earn Ksh206, 989, including allowances, says BD’s report.

Which type of doctor earns the most?

Top 19 highest-paying doctor jobs

  • Surgeon. …
  • Dermatologist. …
  • Orthopedist. …
  • Urologist. …
  • Neurologist. National average salary: $237,309 per year. …
  • Orthodontist. National average salary: $259,163 per year. …
  • Anesthesiologist. National average salary: $328,526 per year. …
  • Cardiology physician. National average salary: $345,754 per year.

What is a doctor’s salary?

A physician / doctor, cardiologist earns an average salary of $120,000 a year, with salaries ranging from $60,000 to $400,000. With a bonus pay of up to $10,000, the total pay ranges from $60,241 to $362,763.

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What type of doctor is best?

Best-Paid Doctors

  • Radiologists: $315,000.
  • Orthopedic surgeons: $315,000.
  • Cardiologists: $314,000.
  • Anesthesiologists: $309,000.
  • Urologists: $309,000.
  • Gastroenterologists: $303,000.
  • Oncologists: $295,000.
  • Dermatologists: $283,000.

How much is a lawyer paid in Kenya?

Lawyer’s Salary

Lawyers are in average paid Ksh 103,000 per month for those who are government employees while company lawyers make an average of Ksh 135,000 per month. Those in private practice can make up to Ksh10 million per month or as little as Ksh 20,000 per month depending on the cases they handle.

Which is the highest paying job in Kenya?

The Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya today

  • Finance. They are some of the most important players in many companies. …
  • Medicine. Medicine is a well-paying job with high market value, what with medical graduates earning right after internships. …
  • Piloting. …
  • Architecture. …
  • Politics. …
  • Actuarial Science. …
  • Law. …
  • Engineering.

How much is a pharmacist paid in Kenya?

Pharmacist Salaries

Job Title Salary
Ministry of Health Kenya Pharmacist salaries – 4 salaries reported KES 135,500/mo
Government of Kenya Pharmacist salaries – 2 salaries reported KES 147,970/mo
The Nairobi Hosptial Pharmacist salaries – 2 salaries reported KES 107,500/mo