Quick Answer: What is the meaning of Nwosu in Igbo language?

My son was happy to hear that our own Nwosu is a short form of “Nwa osu agha” meaning the son of a great warrior or the chief army commander”.

What does Nwosu mean?

NWOSU is also an acronym used by: Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

What is OSU in Igbo land?

The Osu Caste System is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of people, referred to as Osu (outcasts). This is because they dedicate these Osu people to the Alusis (deities) and are thus seen as inferior to the Nwadiala (free-borns).

Is nwosu an OSU?

Nwosu means a child of Osu but most times it doesn’t show the person is an Osu rather named with respect to the/ an Osu order.

What is the meaning of arochukwu?

Arochukwu, sometimes referred to as Arochuku or Aro-Okigbo, (pronounced Aruchukwu) is the third largest city in Abia State (after Aba and Umuahia) in southeastern Nigeria and homeland of the Igbo subgroup, Aro people.

What happens when you marry an OSU?

If you marry an Osu, you will become Osu instantly and all members of your family will be Osu. … When he wanted to marry his so-called Osu wife, his father told him not to try it otherwise he would disown him and he will never be allowed to come to the village again.

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What do yams symbolize in Nigeria?

Yams are the essential crop within Umuofia; the yam is a crucial staple in the Igbo diet. The number of yams a man successfully grows indicates his wealth and rank within the society. Additionally, the cultivation of yams is associated with masculinity: “Yam, the king of crops, was a man’s crop” (23).

What college is in Alva Oklahoma?

The Northwestern Oklahoma State Rangers (also known as NWOSU Rangers) are the athletic teams that represent Northwestern Oklahoma State University, located in Alva, Oklahoma, in NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports.

What is Abiama?

“Chukwu Okike Abiama” is Almighty (Great) God, the Creator you get to know better, as you draw closer to Him. “[Chukwu” = Almighty God. “Okike” = the Creator. “Abiama” = you know Him better as you draw closer to Him].

How old is Arochukwu?

The history of Arochukwu traces back to 300 AD when as it is believed that Igbo people came to the territory and founded a few settlements. The most dynamic events are between the 17-18th centuries, the period preceding British colonization. Read on to learn Arochukwu origin and its prominent historical events.

What is long juju?

The Ibini Ukpabi (Ibibio: Drum of the Creator God) was an oracle of the Aro Confederacy of what is now south eastern Nigeria. It was known among the British as the ‘Long Ju-ju’. Ibini Ukpabi was used to settle cases, particularly those of murder, witchcraft, poisoning and family disputes.