What are the emergency numbers in Ghana?

Does Ghana have 911?

With the launch of 112, Prez Akufo Addo has merged (standardized) the telephone contacts of Ghana’s emergency services. … If you were in the US and you wanted to call the cops, you’d have to dial 911 on your freaking phone.

Does 112 work in Ghana?

As the country intensifies its effort to reduce the spread of COVID – 19 and to improve Ghana’s emergency response rate, the emergency number 112 has been set up to facilitate assistance to all in need. Access to this line is however being hampered by the incessant prank calling of some unscrupulous callers.

What is ambulance number in Ghana?

HOW CAN I CALL AN AMBULANCE IN GHANA? Dial 112 to call an ambulance in Ghana. This number also works the fire department, though, according to the government, 193 is also still accessible to request emergency services.

What emergency number is 102?

The 102 Free Ambulance Service is an emergency medical transport service in India. It is also called National Ambulance Service (NAS). Under this service, all the ambulances are fitted with GPS system (for easy tracking) and other necessary medical equipment.

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What is the police emergency number?

Road and traffic emergency services in the UAE

So, you should call the police on 999 (from anywhere in the UAE), give them your location, and wait for their instructions. On the other hand, you can report a minor accident in Dubai via the Dubai Police mobile application.

What are the different emergency numbers?

22 emergency phone numbers to have handy

  • 911. This is a number that most people should know by heart. …
  • 112. An alternative to 911, 112 is also an emergency telephone number, but it’s primarily used in Europe. …
  • Local police department. …
  • Hospital. …
  • Family doctor. …
  • Poison control. …
  • Animal poison control. …
  • Veterinarian.

How many emergency numbers are there?


FIRE 101
Disaster Management Services 108

What is ambulance emergency number?

Emergency phone numbers

999 for Police. 998 for Ambulance. 997 for Fire Department (Civil Defence)

Is 991 an emergency number?

Police – 991; Ambulance – 907; Fire – 939; Traffic police – 945. Police – 112; Electricity emergency – 124; Water emergency – 125.

How do I contact Ghana Police?

general inquiries

  1. Ring Road East,
  2. +233 302 773906. +233 302 787373.
  3. hq.pro@police.gov.gh.

What is National Fire number?

Help-line Numbers

Numbers Help-line Name
100 Police
101 Fire
102 Ambulance
103 Traffic Police

When was fire service established in Ghana?

Ghana National Fire and Rescue Service

Agency overview
Established 1997
Employees 18,000
Staffing 6,000 management and support staff; 800 communications centre staff
Fire chief Edwin Ekow Blankson
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How long is fire service training in Ghana?

The average fire academy program takes about 12 to 14 weeks to complete a total of 600 hours of training.

How do I apply for the Ghana National Ambulance Service?

How To Apply: Ghana Ambulance Service Application Procedures

  1. Purchase an e-Voucher at a cost of GHC50 from any branch of GCB, NIB and ADB nationwide.
  2. Then visit the Ghana Ambulance Service website at : www.nasgh.com.
  3. Afterwards, Log on to the recruitment portal and follow the instructions ton the page.