What does dike mean Igbo?

/Dike/ Gender: m. A warrior. A Man of great strength (or accomplishment or feat).

What does the name dike mean?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Dike is: Justice.

How do you pronounce dike in Igbo?

[ 1 syll. di-ke, dik-e ] The baby boy name Dike is also used as a girl name. Its pronunciation is DAYK †. Dike is used chiefly in the Igbo language and it is derived from African-Igbo origins.

What is ebube dike in Igbo language?

Ebube Dike, meaning ‘glorious warrior’ in Igbo, is a multi-channel sound installation ascending Somerset House’s Stamp Stairs.

What is the meaning of Odinaka in Igbo?

/Ọ-dị-na-aka/ Gender: f. lit: It is in (the) hand.

What does Dyke mean in Scotland?

In Scotland a dyke or dike is a stone wall, but in England a dyke is a ditch. In the Cumbrian dialect of English a Dike is the name given to a banked hedgerow.

Is Dyke a last name?

Dyke is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Edwin Dyke (1842–1919), English clergyman and cricketer.

Who is dike goddess?

In Greek mythology, Dike or Dice (/ˈdaɪkiː/ or /ˈdaɪsiː/; Greek: Δίκη, dikē, ‘Custom’) is the goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgement as a transcendent universal ideal or based on immemorial custom, in the sense of socially enforced norms and conventional rules.

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What is the meaning of ebuka?

Ebuka is a name that denotes you are the foundation of society.

What is the meaning of Oluebube?

Meaning of Oluebube: Name Oluebube in the Igbo, Nigerian origin, means Miracle.. … People with name Oluebube are usuallyby religion.

What is the meaning of Ebubechukwu?

Meaning : The glory/greatness of God.