What is celery leaves called in Nigeria?

The Yorubas call the celery herb seleri.

What is the local name for celery?

Apium graveolens (celery)

What is another name for celery leaves?

L. Celery (Apium graveolens) is a marshland plant in the family Apiaceae that has been cultivated as a vegetable since antiquity. Celery has a long fibrous stalk tapering into leaves.


Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Dietary fiber 1.6 g
Fat 0.17 g
Saturated 0.042 g
Trans 0.000 g

What is Parsley called in Nigeria?

Parsley leaf is popularly known as scent leaf in the western part of Africa. It is fondly and locally known and called Effirin by the Yoruba’s and Nchanwu in Igbo land.

Can you buy celery leaves?

Luckily, you can likely find celery with the leaves still attached, especially at the farmers’ market during the cooler growing seasons. And, if your local grocer doesn’t carry celery with the leaves attached, ask them to! After all, you deserve to get the whole vegetable, leaves and all.

Can I get celery in Nigeria?

Celery, like other vegetables can be found in vegetable markets located in all cities in the country.

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What is Yoruba name for celery leaf?

Celery (Seleri)

The Yorubas call the celery herb seleri.

What is the other name for celery?

dulce, common name celery, (2) Apium graveolens var. rapaceum, common name celeriac or root celery, and (3) Apium graveolens var. secalinum, common name smallage or leaf celery. Celery is a popular crop widely cultivated throughout the world.

What are celery leaves?

It is a biennial European plant in the parsley family, having edible roots, leafstalks, leaves, and fruits. They have crisp thick leafs stalks. It has shorter stems and more leaves. Celery leaves are finely divided and light to dark green in color. Celery leaves are less succulent, but full of flavour.

What country does celery come from?

Wild celery is native to the Mediterranean area, according to Davis, though archaeological remains from Switzerland have suggested that humans were transporting celery seeds as early as 4,000 B.C. Another variety of celery called “smallage” was present in China as early as the 5th century.

What is Ugu leaf called in English?

1. English Name : Fluted Pumpkin Leaves Local Name : Ugu (Igbo) Botanical Name : Telfairia Occidentalis Ugu is a leafy veget…

What is basil in Nigeria?

Botanically known as Ocimumgratissimum, basil or scent leaf as Nigerians love to call it, is a tropical plant/ specie. Popularly known as efirin by the Yorubas, nchanwu in Ibo and daidoya in the northern part of Nigeria, the leaf which is highly nutritional is quite common in Nigeria.

What is English name for Ewedu?

Ewedu soup is the green slimy soup obtained from cooking the ewedu leaves; the English name of this plant is jute mallow with the botanical name Corchorus olitorius.

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Can I eat celery leaves Raw?

So, feel free to eat celery, and celery leaves, in reasonable amounts, raw or cooked. Just don’t start eating nothing but celery, or start chomping through multiple pounds of it per day, and you should be just fine.

Is celery leaves and parsley the same?

Celery leaves are a surprising substitute for parsley, but they’re similar in appearance to flat leaf parsley, making them an excellent garnish. However, celery leaves have an extremely subtle flavor and may not be a good substitute for parsley in cooking.

Are celery leaves poisonous?

Bottom Line. Celery isn’t likely to have any toxic effects as long as you take common-sense precautions such as washing your hands or any area of skin that touched the juice from celery, especially the green leafy leaves.