What is education in Yoruba?

ẹkọ More Yoruba words for education. eto ẹkọ noun. education.

What does Aye in Yoruba mean?

Aye in Yoruba language mean “LIFE” Like when you say “ aye mi” which is interpreted to be MY LIFE.

What is home training Yoruba?

In the pre-colonial period, the Yoruba have what we called eko-ile (home training). It is not only the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to behave well in the society, it is equally the duties of all within the neighborhood to assist in one way or the other in the proper training of the kids.

What does OSHE mean?

Acronym. Definition. OSHE. Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment. OSHE.

What does Bobo mean in Nigeria?

Paying compliments is one of the easiest ways to make friends. ”Bobo you too fine” means that a man is handsome, while ”Babe you too fine” would be used to compliment a woman.

What is family system in Yoruba?

Yoruba families are customarily patrilineal and patrilocal in nature. What constitutes the nuclear family and the roles of members in it? The nuclear family consists of the father or baba, mother or mama/Iya and the children or omo. Polygamy is practiced among the Yoruba, men can marry more than one wife.

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What are the Yoruba values?

In the various stories about the Tortoise, the stalking folk hero animal of Yoruba mythology, it is clear that the values of respect, diligence, accountability, truthfulness, honesty, devotion, loyalty, etc.

Does Yoruba have a written language?

Literary Yoruba, also known as Standard Yoruba, Yoruba koiné, and common Yoruba, is a separate member of the dialect cluster. It is the written form of the language, the standard variety learned at school and that spoken by newsreaders on the radio.

What does Odabo mean in Yoruba?

Yoruba Translation. so pe odabo.

What does OSHA mean in Nigeria?

The Occupational Safety and Health Association United Kingdom known as “OSHAssociation” is locally registered in Nigeria as OSHA Association for Occupational Safety and Health of Nigeria.

What does Ese Gan mean?

Ese gan. You’re welcome! ( for “thank you”)

What does Omo mean Nigerian?

Omo. Definition: A man or a buddy.

What does Haba mean in Nigeria?

Haba. Definition: A way of saying please abeg.

What does MA mean in Nigerian?

This stretching of meaning can not only change the meaning of the English phrase, but also represent something from Nigerian culture: for example, the saying “goodnight, ma” can be said regardless of time of day, and functions simply as an assumption that the person in question will not be seen until the next day.