What is Grasscutter in Igbo?

Grasscutter – Nchi. Grasshopper – Ụkpara/Ụkpana. Guinea pig – Oke bekee.

What is the Igbo name of grass cutter?

Grasscutter is classified as monogastric (one-stomach) herbivore. Grasscutter is also known or called cutting grass or cane rat. In Yoruba lanaguage, they are called Oya. While they are known as Gafia (Gouza or Guahia) and Nchi in Hausa and Igbo languages respectively.

What is Nkapi in English?

Nkapi or Nkakwu is a specie of rat, identified by its long mouth and offensive smell. … In fact, this foul-smelling rat conjures the imagery of all that is bad and evil, accounting for why nobody would touch it.

Which animal is called Agu in Igbo language?

When the translators of the bible into Igbo did their work, they translated “lion” as odum, while “leopard” was translated as agu. Consequently, the lion of the tribe of Judah is “Odum nke ebo Juda” in the Igbo bible.

What is Odum in Igbo?

The common Igbo phrase; Odum n’egbu Agu, translates to Lion that kill Leopard.

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What is a Grasscutter?

1 : one that cuts grass: such as. a : grasscut. b : a machine or device for cutting grass (as a lawn mower or a scythe)

What does Grasscutter feed on?

Grasscutters are strictly herbivores, and prefer mainly tick-stemmed grass species (Schrage and Yewadan 1999). The feeding habits of grasscutter and other rodents (e.g. rabbits) are directly opposite.

What is Gorilla in Igbo language?

Gorilla – Ọzọdimgba. Grasscutter – Nchi. Grasshopper – Ụkpara/Ụkpana. Guinea pig – Oke bekee. Guinea fowl – Ọgazị

What is Zebra in Igbo?

zebra. זברה taż-żebr… gabayga. punda.

What is Agu in Igbo?

Agu is an Igbo surname. Notably, the word: “Agu” simpliciter means Tiger in Igbo language. Also, Agu is an unrelated surname found in Jammu and Kashmir state of India. Here are some people that use the name Agu. Agu Aarna (1915–1989), Estonian chemist.

What is tomato called in Igbo language?

Learn Igbo, Igbo Language – Igbo Word – Tamato (Tomato)

What is the Igbo name of Eagle?


Gender Male
Word/name Igbo/Anioma
Meaning God’s Eagle (Crown of God) Honour Bestowed Upon Me By Almighty God
Region of origin eastern Nigeria

What’s the Igbo name of Lion?

Ọdụm (LION); Agụ (LEOPARD).

What does Imela mean in Igbo?

Imela! Okaka, Onyekeruwa (meaning Thank you! thank you!

What is the meaning of AGWU in Igbo land?

The Agwu is the Igbo patron deity of health and divination, and one of the basic Igbo theological concepts employed to explain good and evil, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, and fortune and misfortune. Belief in the Agwu was widespread in thepast.

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What is Odum?

The Ghanaian name for the iroko, an African hardwood tree.