What is Odum in Igbo language?

The common Igbo phrase; Odum n’egbu Agu, translates to Lion that kill Leopard. … In Onicha Ugbo, warriors still wear Leopard skin during festivals.

What’s Odum in English?

noun. The iroko, Chlorophora excelsa.

What is the Igbo name of Eagle?


Gender Male
Word/name Igbo/Anioma
Meaning God’s Eagle (Crown of God) Honour Bestowed Upon Me By Almighty God
Region of origin eastern Nigeria

What is Igbo name for Tiger?

Swallow – Eneke ntị oba. Tiger – Agụ

What is the difference between AGU and Odum?

The common Igbo phrase; Odum n’egbu Agu, translates to Lion that kill Leopard. Some contemporary Igbos will argue that “Agu” is Tiger but Tigers are not native to Africa. The translators of the Bible righty translated “Lion of the tribe of Judea” (Revelation 5:5) to “Odum ebo Judea”, in the Igbo bible (Nkpughe 5:5).

What is the dictionary definition of odium?

intense hatred or dislike, especially toward a person or thing regarded as contemptible, despicable, or repugnant. the reproach, discredit, or opprobrium attaching to something hated or repugnant: He had to bear the odium of neglecting his family.

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What is tomato called in Igbo language?

Learn Igbo, Igbo Language – Igbo Word – Tamato (Tomato)

Which animal is called Agu in Igbo language?

When the translators of the bible into Igbo did their work, they translated “lion” as odum, while “leopard” was translated as agu. Consequently, the lion of the tribe of Judah is “Odum nke ebo Juda” in the Igbo bible.

What is Igbo name for Leopard?


What is the meaning of AGWU in Igbo land?

The Agwu is the Igbo patron deity of health and divination, and one of the basic Igbo theological concepts employed to explain good and evil, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, and fortune and misfortune. Belief in the Agwu was widespread in thepast.

Who is the strongest between Tiger and Lion?

In terms of bone strength, lions are stronger. Tigers are ~60-70% muscle, but have lower bone density than lions. In terms of muscular strength, tigers are stronger.

What Igbo should know about Isiagu symbol?

Akwa isiagụ is the clothing fabric patterned with motifs showing fierce-looking lion’s head and mane. Some designs show a less stern lion’s head, with two or three cow horns besides it. Igbo chiefs and nze and ọzọ title holders use it to make their ceremonial gears. …