What is OSU fruit in Yoruba?

In southern Nigeria it is called “osu” (Edo), “nkpokiri” (Ibo), and “erin” (Yoruba). It flowers in November and from March to May. The fruit is about 5.25 cm in diameter, yellow to orange, glabrous and smooth containing twelve or more disc-shaped seeds embedded in a gelatinous pulp (Keay et al., 1964.

What is the English name of Hunteria Umbellata?

Hunteria umbellata has been used as arrow poison.

Hunteria umbellata
Conservation status
Species: H. umbellata
Binomial name
Hunteria umbellata (K.Schum) Hallier f.

What is the botanical name for OSU?

The Ohio buckeye came into the scientific world as a new species, under the name Aesculus glabra, described by Professor Carl Ludwig Willdenow, Director of the Botanical Garden in Berlin, Germany.

What is abere used for?

Its medicinal uses for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes against several ailments and diseases such as anemia, tuberculosis, diabetes, ulcer, hypertension, asthma, circulatory diseases, kidney diseases and stomach disorders have been established (Omole and Kehinde, 2005; Abere and Lameed, 2008) .

What plant is Hunteria Umbellata?

Hunteria umbellata (K. Schum.) Hallier f. (family: Apocynaceae) is a tropical rainforest tree which closely resembles Picralima umbellata K.

How do you use abere seeds?

The seeds (they are hard) are usually ground to a fine powder and added to foods such as ogi (pap) or taken as an infusion (as if making tea). Some take it with water while some soak the seeds or its powder in coconut water and drink.

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What is Abeere in Yoruba?

There was no significant difference (p > 0.05) in the histology of major organs and body weights of test and control rabbits. KEY WORDS: Leucocyte, enzyme, seeds, toxicity, rabbit. INTRODUCTION. Abeere is the Yoruba name for Huntaria umbellata seed.

What is the work of Hunteria Umbellata?

Hallier f. (H. umbellata) (locally known as “Abeere”) (family: Apocynaceae) is tropical rainforest tree which is popularly used for the local management of diabetes mellitus and obesity[5, 6, 7]. In African folk medicine, water decoction made from the dry seeds of H.

What is the meaning of abere?

Abere is a demoness from Melanesian mythology. She is portrayed as a “wild” woman with young female servants. She is said to reside in marshes. She draws people to her by her beauty, entrapping them by causing reeds to grow around them.