What is the biggest village in Ghana?

What is the richest city in Ghana?

As the capital of Ghana, Accra is home to the largest concentration of wealth ($35 billion, to be exact) in the country, along with the greatest number of excessively wealthy individuals. According to Naijaquest, 2300 millionaires and 100 multi-billionaires currently call Accra their home.

What is the big town in Ghana?

Ghana – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Accra , Greater Accra 1,963,264
2 Kumasi , Ashanti 1,468,609
3 Tamale , Northern 360,579
4 Takoradze , Western 232,919

Is Kumasi bigger than Accra?

Accra is Ghana’s largest city and the nation’s capital. Ghana is a West African country located along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Biggest Cities In Ghana.

Rank Biggest Cities in Ghana Population
1 Accra 2,291,352
2 Kumasi 2,069,350
3 Sekondi-Takoradi 445,205
4 Sunyani 248,496

Which city is the largest in Ghana?

Accra, capital and largest city of Ghana, on the Gulf of Guinea (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean).

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What is the cleanest city in Ghana?

The Member of Parliament for Salaga, Ibrahimah Mohammed Zuwera, has hailed the capital of Volta Region, Ho, as the cleanest city in Ghana at the moment.

Where is the best place to live in Ghana?

If you are trying to visit Ghana or you intend to find some of the best and luxurious communities to explore, you should consider the following areas:

  • Airport Residential Area, Accra. airport residential area. …
  • Cantonments. One of the affluent neighbourhoods in Accra is Cantonments. …
  • Osu, Accra. …
  • Labone, Accra. …
  • East Legon.

Is Tema bigger than Accra?

The country’s capital and largest city is Accra, which is situated on the Atlantic coast and has an urban population of almost three million.


Name 2021 Population
Atsiaman 202,932
Tema 155,782
Teshi Old Town 144,013
Cape Coast 143,015

Is Ghana a poor country?

Yet people in countries like Burundi, South Sudan and Somalia—the three poorest in the world—continue to live in desperate poverty.


Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
60 Samoa 5,653
61 Ghana 5,693
62 Mauritania 5,834
63 Libya 5,893

Which region is the poorest in Ghana?

The concentration of poor persons is mainly observed in the northern than the southern districts of Ghana. Among the districts in Ghana, East Gonja in the Northern Region stands out as the district with most of the poor persons.

Where is the safest place to live in Ghana?

meQasa Ghana has compiled five of the safest neighbourhoods in the capital.

  • Airport Residential Area. With its close proximity to one of the most popular police stations, Airport Residential is one of the safest neighbourhoods to live in Accra. …
  • Achimota. …
  • East Legon. …
  • Cantonments. …
  • Osu.
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Is Accra Ghana safe?

Crime. Most visits to Ghana are trouble free, but criminal activity does occur and can range from incidents of petty crime to violent crime. In 2021 there has been an increase in robbery, burglary and serious assault, and such attacks can include the use of weapons.

Which region is bigger in Ghana?

List of Ghanaian regions by area

Rank Region km2
1 Northern 70,765
2 Ashanti 24,869
3 Western 23,941
4 Volta 20,570

How many state did Ghana have?

There are 16 states in Ghana, but if you call them states in Ghana, no-body is going to know what you are talking about because, in Ghana, they are called regions.

Which two cities in Ghana have the most population?

Accra and Kumasi, are by far the biggest cities in Ghana. Both metropolises boast populations of around two million inhabitants, while the majority of the other cities in Ghana have populations below 250,000.

What is the largest town in Accra?

Ashaiman. Ashaiman is one of the towns in greater Accra region . This is a significantly large town that is located the south of Ghana. It is the capital of the Ashaiman Municipal District and has an estimated population of around 298,841 people.