What is the full meaning of NCCC in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Communications Commission is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

What is the meaning of NCCC?


Acronym Definition
NCCC National Civilian Community Corps (AmeriCorps)
NCCC National Cervical Cancer Coalition
NCCC Niagara County Community College
NCCC National Climate Change Committee (various locations)

Is NCCC an abbreviation?

National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), or AmeriCorps NCCC is an AmeriCorps program that engages 18- to 24-year-olds in team-based national and community service in the United States.

What is the full meaning of Nipoga in Nigeria?

Nigeria Polytechnic Games Association, often stylized as NIPOGA Games is a biennial sporting competition involving all accredited polytechnics and colleges of technology in Nigeria.

What is the difference between acronyms and abbreviations?

The short form of a word, name or a phrase is called an abbreviation and an acronym. Generally they are formed from the first letter of the basic word. The difference between an abbreviation and an acronym is that an abbreviation is the articulated form of the original word whereas the acronym is a form of new word.

What is the full meaning of NSC?

National Security Council, NSCnoun. a committee in the executive branch of government that advises the president on foreign and military and national security; supervises the Central Intelligence Agency.

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What is the full meaning of nuga?

The Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) organizes university-level sports events in Nigeria. It hosts an interuniversity sports competition called the University Games.

What is the full meaning of Natcega?

Term. National Advance College of Education Games Association. Educational Institute.

What is a shortened name called?

A hypocorism is a pet name, nickname, or term of endearment — often a shortened form of a word or name.

What is shortening words called?

Summing up: An abbreviation is a shortening of a word or a phrase. An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a word. An initialism is an abbreviation that uses the first letter of each word in the phrase (thus, some but not all initialisms are acronyms).

Is CEO an acronym?

The chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking person in a company.