What is the meaning of ADE MI in Yoruba?

What does Ade mean in Yoruba?

Ade (/əˈdi/ or /ɑːˈdeɪ/) is a popular Nigerian given name or nickname, which means king, crown or royalty in the Yoruba language. Ade originally means crown.

What is the meaning of Ade Ori Mi?

ADE ORI MI- NIGERIAN YORUBA TRADITIONAL WEDDING INVITATION (IDANO) You, Ade Ori Mi… You are the man of my dreams, You are the fire within, You fulfill all of my fantasies… First time you met, you knew just that.

What does Awero mean?

Meaning : One that is bathed and covered in wrapper.

What does Bumboya mean?

noun. offensive. A young gay man, especially a prostitute.

What is Oba in Yoruba?

Oba means ruler in the Yoruba and Bini languages of West Africa. Kings in Yorubaland, a region which is in the modern republics of Benin, Nigeria and Togo, make use of it as a pre-nominal honorific. Examples of Yoruba bearers include Oba Ogunwusi of Ile-Ife, Oba Adeyemi of Oyo, and Oba Akiolu of Lagos.

Is the name Ade male or female?

The name Ade is primarily a male name of African origin that means Crown, Royal.

What does Ifemi mean in Yoruba?

IFEMI is a Yoruba name which means my beloved while Onimisi is an Ebira name which also means my beloved.

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What is the meaning of Olosho in Yoruba?

(Yoruba) 1010 up 863 down. slang. A lady who engages in the act of having sex in exchange for money or material things. The pretty lady down the road is an olosho.

What is the full form of Booyah?

Answer: You are a free fire player then you would have surely heard the word Booyah when you win the game. So the word booyah is used for expressing joy especially over winning a victorious match in sports. The word booyah is little bit similar to the meaning of hurrah. The meaning of booyah is joy and in Hindi khushi.

What does Duduke mean in Yoruba?

Meaning of “Duduke” in Simi’s new song

Simi said Duduke means the beat of a heart or drum and that the song is dedicated to women praying to be mothers. She urged her fans to enjoy the music. Moreover, Duduke is a Yoruba word, the ethnic group where Simi comes from in Nigeria.