What is the meaning of Onitemi in Yoruba?

How can I praise my wife in Yoruba?

Romantic Yoruba names to call your girlfriend or wife

  1. Ododo mi. This means “my flower”.
  2. Olowo Iyebiye mi. This means “my jewel”
  3. Gbogbo nkan mi. This means “my everything”
  4. Adun. This mean “sweetness”
  5. Orekelewa. This means beauty that surpass all other beauties. …
  6. Onitemi. …
  7. Sokototi mi. …
  8. Isura mi.

What does Ayo MI mean?

Meaning of Ayomi: Name Ayomi in the Sinhala origin, means My joy. Name Ayomi is of Sinhala origin and is a Girl name.

What does Morenikeji mean in Yoruba?

Meaning of Morenikeji: Name Morenikeji in the Nigerian, Yoruba origin, means This child resembles me.. Name Morenikeji is of Nigerian, Yoruba origin and is a Unisex name. People with name Morenikeji are usuallyby religion.

What is the meaning of asake in Yoruba?

Àshàké/Asake: A daughter who is chosen to be cherished and pampered or cherished.

What is the meaning of Orekelewa?

‘Orekelewa isn’t a mere cliche neither is it just a melodious tune, its a celebration of the beautiful virtues of the African woman. Orekelewa is a woman with both extrinsic and intrinsic beauty that totally completes her man. She is cheerful, hardworking and loving’ Micheal D Shepherd says.

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What is the meaning of olori mi?

olori mi. More Yoruba words for my queen.

What is the meaning of Oloworimi?

Word of the Day: Olowo ori mi (Yoruba) : It is a phrase commonly used by wives in Yoruba land to praise their husbands. Husbands are referred to as “Olowo ori mi” because usually he pays bride price to bride’s family before marriage.

What is the meaning of Ololufe?

English Translation. lover.

What is the meaning of Ifemi?

IFEMI is a Yoruba name which means my beloved while Onimisi is an Ebira name which also means my beloved.

What are Yoruba names?

Yoruba Names For Girls And Their Meaning

  • Adebisi. Meaning: Added to the crown.
  • Abeni. Meaning: We asked for her,behold, we got her.
  • Adedamola. Meaning: The crown is mixed with riches.
  • Adelola. Meaning: The crown brings honour.
  • Abifoluwa. Meaning: Born for the Lord.
  • Adepeju. Meaning: The crown is full of honour.
  • Araoluwa. …
  • Anuoluwapo.

What is the meaning of ajoke?

Meaning : To be taken care of by all.

What does akanni mean in Yoruba?

In African Baby Names the meaning of the name Akanni is: Profitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth.

What does Adufe mean in Yoruba?

Meaning : One that people struggle to marry.