What is the meaning of Yemi in Yoruba?

Yemi is a unisex Nigerian and Yoruba given name. It means “to befit me” and is short for many names such as Olayemi meaning Wealth befits me, Oluyemi meaning God befits me, Adeyemi meaning Royalty befits me, and others. … Yemi Adesanya (born 1978), Nigerian accountant.

What does Tokunbo mean in Yoruba?

Tokunbo is a unisex name, originating from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria. The name means “from overseas” or “from across the sea”. The name is mostly used for a baby born in a country oversea.

What does Adeola mean in Yoruba?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adeola is both a Yoruba surname and a given name meaning “crown of wealth”.

What does olayemi mean?

Olayemi, meaning “wealth fits me”, is a Nigerian name from the southwestern region, particularly the Yoruba people. It can be male or female.

What does temitope mean in Yoruba?

Tope. Related names. Tiwatope. Temitope is a common name of Yoruba origin meaning “Mine is worthy of thanks or gratitude.” A related name; Tiwatope means “Ours is worthy of thanks or gratitude.” It is mostly a name given by parents to express gratitude sometimes to things that might have surrounded the birth of the …

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What does the name olatokunbo mean?

Meaning:wealth brought from a foreign land.

What does Ola mean in Nigerian?

“Ola” is a Yoruba name element which now* appears to most often be given the meaning “wealth”, but whose traditional meaning** is “honor (esteem)” or “wealth”.

What is the meaning of Funke in Yoruba?

Funke is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba tribe. The full name is “Olufunke” and it means “God has given me someone to care for”

What does Tiaraoluwa mean?

Meaning of Tiaraoluwa: Name Tiaraoluwa in the Yoruba origin, means From the body of God, Lord’s wonder. Name Tiaraoluwa is of Yoruba origin and is a Girl name.

What does geezer mean in British slang?

Geezer is a mildly negative slang term for a man, especially an older man who’s considered odd in some way. In American slang, geezer almost always refers to an older man and is especially used in the phrase old geezer. In British slang, geezer just refers to any man.

What does Tiwa mean in Yoruba?

Tiwa. Meaning: One who owns the crown.

What does the name Temiloluwa mean?

Meaning of Temiloluwa: Name Temiloluwa in the Yoruba origin, means God is mine.. Name Temiloluwa is of Yoruba origin and is a Boy name. People with name Temiloluwa are usually Christianity by religion.