What is the minimum wage in Zimbabwe?

Because Zimbabwe does not have a minimum wage, there is no mandatory minimum rate of pay for workers in Zimbabwe.

What is the minimum wage for a domestic worker in Zimbabwe?

“Government stipulated minimum wage for domestic workers is $900 which is almost the equivalent of US$10.

How much do maids get paid in Zimbabwe?

The Zimbabwean government has set wages of domestic workers between US$85 and US$100 per month, resulting in the highest-paid domestic workers earning a salary that compares to some nurses and teaching professionals.

What is a living wage in Zimbabwe?

Living Wage Individual in Zimbabwe is expected to reach 305.00 USD/Month by the end of 2020, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Zimbabwe Living Wage Individual is projected to trend around 305.00 USD/Month in 2021, according to our econometric models.

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How many hours should a person work in Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, every Collective Bargain Agreement provides for minimum hours of work. The model Collective Bargaining Agreement recommends a minimum of eight hours per day, subject to the nature of the work, and 40 hours per week. This could be up to a maximum of ten hours a day.

How many hours should a domestic worker work per day?

A domestic worker cannot work more than: 45 hours per week. 9 hours per day for a five day work week. 8 hours a day for a six day work week.

What do domestic workers earn?

According to the data, domestic workers – not on the SweepSouth platform – earn between R2,614 and R2,916 a month. The minimum wage for domestic workers is just over R3,000 a month. … Earnings for domestic workers in Gauteng are 8% higher than in the Western Cape and 27% higher than the rest of South Africa.

What is the minimum wage for domestic workers in South Africa 2020?

The minimum wage for domestic workers has been increased from R15. 57 to R19. 09 an hour. This is below the national minimum wage of R21.

What is the new minimum wage for domestic workers?

As of March 2020, the minimum wage for domestic workers is at 75% of the base – R15. 57 per hour. Under the new proposals, a bump up to 88% of the 2021 base would make the new minimum for domestic workers R19. 09 per hour – a monetary increase of 23%.

What is the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe?

In 2020, the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe was at 5.73 percent.

Zimbabwe: Unemployment rate from 1999 to 2020.

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Characteristic Unemployment rate
2020 5.73%
2019 5.02%
2018 5.07%
2017 5.15%

What is the average household income in Zimbabwe?

Household average monthly income increased from US$33 in 2020 to US$75 in 2021, the report by Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVac) said. Across all provinces, incomes have increased from a range of between US$27 and US$45, to a range of between US$63 and US$102.

What is the minimum wage in South Africa?

The national minimum wage in South Africa

Since January 2019, workers in South Africa have been entitled to a minimum wage of R20 per hour. This translates to around R3,500 based on a 40-hour working week. The new rules apply to all workers in South Africa with some exceptions.

How long is maternity leave in Zimbabwe?

4.1 How long does maternity leave last? A female employee who has been employed for at least one year may be granted 98 days’ maternity leave on full pay in terms of section 18 of the Labour Act. Any maternity leave in excess of 98 days may be granted as unpaid leave.

How many leave days per year in Zimbabwe?

Annual leave—Employees are entitled to a rate of 30 days or one-month leave after a continuous employment period of one year. Weekends and public holidays are counted as part of the vacation leave days.

Who is entitled to gratuity in Zimbabwe?

According to Section 31 of the NEC for the Commerical Sectors of Zimbabwe regulations employees, who have completed ten (10) or more years of continuous service are entitled to receive a once off payment of gratuity if they, leave the employ of the organization, or die.

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