Which Abuja flight goes to Maiduguri?

How much is transport from Abuja to Maiduguri?

Transport Fare – Maiduguri

From To Average Cost
Maiduguri Abuja ₦11,077
Maiduguri Akure ₦17,733
Maiduguri Asaba ₦15,960
Maiduguri Awka ₦15,240

Which airlines fly from Abuja to Ilorin?

Between Abuja and Ilorin, 2 airlines are operational. In a week, around 8 flights travel from Abuja to Ilorin.

Information of Abuja Ilorin Flight.

Aerial distance 309 KM
Popular Airlines from Abuja to Ilorin Swiftair and Overland Airways

Which flight goes from Abuja to Uyo?

Information of Abuja Uyo Flight

Aerial distance 466 KM
Total flights from Abuja to Uyo in a week 11 flights
First Flight Dana Airlines 361 , departs at 01:05 PM
Last Flight Swiftair 416 , departs at 02:45 PM
Popular Airlines from Abuja to Uyo Dana Airlines and Swiftair

How much is bus from Lagos to Maiduguri?

The affordable way to get from Lagos to Maiduguri by bus which Lagos to Maiduguri bus fare $50 -$100 and takes 38 hours.

How many hours is Abuja to Kano by road?

The driving distance from Abuja to Kano is 427 kilometers (265 miles). If your car moves with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70miles/hour), it will take you about 3 hours, 48 minutes to get to Kano from Abuja. However, traffic on the way may make you spend about 5 hours on the road.

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How long is bus from Lagos to Abuja?

The duration of the whole trip from Lagos to Abuja varies. The duration depends on the speed of the vehicle and the route. On the average, the trip is between 10 to 12 hours.

Which flight goes to Ilorin?

Information of Lagos Ilorin Flight

Aerial distance 242 KM
First Flight Overland Airways 1187 , departs at 07:15 AM
Last Flight Overland Airways 1187 , departs at 07:15 AM
Popular Airlines from Lagos to Ilorin Overland Airways
Shortest Time of flights from Lagos to Ilorin 00h 00m

How many hours journey is Abuja to Ilorin?

7 hours, 27 minutes

City: round-trip one-way
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Does Ilorin have an airport?

Ilorin International Airport (IATA: ILR, ICAO: DNIL) is an airport serving Ilorin, a city in Kwara State of Nigeria.

Which airline goes to Akwa Ibom?

Ibom Air is a Nigerian airline that offers domestic flights within the country. The regional carrier is based at Akwa Ibom Airport, Uyo and offers flights to a small number of destinations. The airline was founded in 2019 and is entirely owned by the government of the Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

How long is flight from Abuja to Akwa Ibom?

The best way to get from Abuja to Akwa Ibom is to fly which takes 3h 34m and costs $30 – $370.