Which is the biggest hospital in Uganda?

The largest state-owned hospital in Uganda is Mulago Hospital in Kampala with around 1,500 beds. It was built in 1962.

What is the biggest referral hospital in Uganda?

Mulago National Referral Hospital. Mulago Hospital was founded in 1913,and is the main National Regional Hospital for the entire country and a teaching hospital for the Makerere College of Health Sciences. It also serves as a general hospital for the Kampala metropolitan.

How many hospitals does Uganda have?

The number of health facilities (public, private and private not for profit) in Uganda now totals 6,937.

Which is the oldest hospital in Uganda?

Mengo Hospital is the oldest hospital in Uganda. It was established by Albert Ruskin Cook in 1897. At the beginning, the hospital belonged to the Church Missionary Society. In 1958, the hospital was handed over by the Church Missionary Society to an independent and autonomous Board of Governors and Registered Trustees.

What is the biggest hospital in world?

Ranked by staff

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Hospital Town or city Staff
Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo São Paulo 19,000
Massachusetts General Hospital Boston 15,000
Sahlgrenska University Hospital Gothenburg 17,000
University Medical Center Groningen Groningen 17,000

Who built Mulago hospital in Uganda?

Old Mulago Hospital was founded in 1913 by Albert Ruskin Cook. New Mulago Hospital was completed in 1962. The hospital has an official capacity of 1,790 beds, although it often houses over 3,000 patients.

How many private hospitals are in Uganda?

As noted in the introduction, Uganda has a robust private healthcare sector with approximately 2,000 private clinics scattered across the country.

Which village is Mulago Hospital?

Hospital Zone Village, in Mulago I Parish, Kawempe Division Subcounty, Kampala District, Uganda.

What are Pnfp hospitals in Uganda?

The Private-not-for-profit (PNFP) health sector is better known to most under the name of “Church” or “Mission” Hospitals and Dispensaries.

How many district do we have in Uganda?

These region are further divided into 111 districts and one city (the capital city of Kampala).

Districts of Uganda.

Map Region District
87 Central Region Buvuma
88 Eastern Region Buyende
89 Central Region Gomba
90 Central Region Kalungu

Who was the first doctor in Uganda?

Best known for his military adventures in the region, Emin Pasha was the first doctor in western medicine to set foot in Uganda.

Which parish is Mengo Hospital?

Mengo Hospital Village, in Namirembe Parish, Rubaga Division Subcounty, Kampala District, Uganda.

Who is the owner of Mengo Hospital?

Sir Albert Cook started Mengo Hospital under a Mango tree.

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Which is the largest hospital in Africa?

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is a hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, it is the largest hospital in Africa and third largest hospital in the world.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
Affiliated university University of the Witwatersrand
Emergency department 10177
Beds 3,400

Which is the best hospital in Africa?

By indicators

1 (615) Kenya Medical Research Institute KEN
2 (637) South African Medical Research Council ZAF
3 (650) National Institute for Medical Research TZA
4 (736) Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi KEN

Which is Asia biggest hospital?


ranking World Rank Instituto
1 13 Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital
2 16 Taipei Veterans General Hospital
3 25 Xinqiao Hospital Third Military Medical University
4 28 National Taiwan University Hospital