Which region is the most populated in Ghana?

As of 2021, the Ashanti and Greater Accra regions were the most populous in Ghana, each accounting for around six million inhabitants. Following these were the Central and Eastern regions, each registering 2.9 million people.

Which region is the most population?

Regions in the world by population (2021)

# Region Net Change
1 Asia 39,683,577
2 Africa 32,533,952
3 Europe 453,275
4 Latin America and the Caribbean 5,841,374

Where is the most populated place in Ghana?

The West African nation of Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s capital and largest city is Accra, which is situated on the Atlantic coast and has an urban population of almost three million.


Name 2021 Population
Accra 1,963,264
Kumasi 1,468,609
Tamale 360,579
Takoradi 232,919

Which region is most densely populated?

Population density worldwide in 2018, by region (in inhabitants per square km)

Characteristic Population density in inhabitants per square km
World 58.7
Asia 147
Africa 43
Europe 33.7

Which areas are more densely populated?

Top 10 most densely populated countries and territories in the world, 2020:

  • Macau (SAR of China)- 19,737/km²
  • Monaco – 19,361/km²
  • Singapore – 8,019/km²
  • Hong Kong (SAR of China) – 7,126/km²
  • Gibraltar (CD of UK) – 3,369/km²
  • Bahrain – 2,182/km²
  • Maldives – 1,802/km²
  • Malta – 1,642/km²
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What is the most populated city in Ghana?

In September 2010, approximately 2.07 million people lived in Accra, making it the biggest city in Ghana. Accra and Kumasi, are by far the biggest cities in Ghana.

Ghana: The largest cities in 2010 (in million inhabitants)

Characteristic Inhabitants in millions

Which region is the poorest in Ghana?

The concentration of poor persons is mainly observed in the northern than the southern districts of Ghana. Among the districts in Ghana, East Gonja in the Northern Region stands out as the district with most of the poor persons.

What is the population of Northern Region of Ghana?

Northern Region (Ghana)

Northern Region
• Total 70,384 km2 (27,175 sq mi)
Population (2010 Census)
• Total 2,479,461
• Density 35/km2 (91/sq mi)

How many regions are in Ghana currently?

The regions of Ghana constitute the first level of sub national government administration within the Republic of Ghana. There are currently sixteen regions, further divided for administrative purposes into 216 local districts.

Where can savanna region located in Ghana?

It is located in the north of the country. The Savannah Region is divided into 7 districts; Bole, Central Gonja, North Gonja, East Gonja, Sawla/Tuna/Kalba, West Gonja, North East Gonja and 7 Constituencies; Bole/Bamboi, Damongo, Daboya/Mankarigu, Salaga North, Salaga South, Sawla/Tuna/Kalba and Yapei/Kusawgu.

Which two regions have the highest population densities in Africa?

List of African countries by population density

Rank Country or territory Density
Mayotte (France) 641.7
1 Mauritius 624.0
2 Rwanda 440.8

What are the three most populated countries?

World Population

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Rank. Country Population Rank. Country. Population
1. China 1,397,897,720 6. Nigeria
2. India 1,339,330,514 7. Brazil
3. United States 332,475,723 8. Bangladesh

Which country is overpopulated?

China, with a population of 1.44 billion, is the most populous country worldwide. In 2019, over 60% of its population resided in urban centers, a trend that has seen the portion of city dwellers double over the last 25 years.