Who heads Uganda Prisons?

The Administrative head of the Uganda Prisons Service is the Commissioner General of Prisons (CGP) who is deputised by the Deputy Commissioner General (DCGP).

Under which ministry is Uganda Prisons?

The sector comprises of: Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MOJCA); Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA); The Judiciary; Uganda Police Force (UPF); Uganda Prison Service (UPS); Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP); Judicial Service Commission (JSC); The Ministry of Local Government (Local Council Courts …

Who is the deputy commissioner of Uganda Prisons?

James Mwanje – Deputy Commissioner General – Uganda Prisons Service | LinkedIn.

What are the roles of prisons?

First, protection of the public – prison protects the public from the most dangerous and violent individuals. Second, punishment – prison deprives offenders of their liberty and certain freedoms enjoyed by the rest of society and acts as a deterrent. It is not the only sanction available, but it is an important one.

Who is the Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons Kenya?

Benjamin Njoga joined the Kenya Prisons Service (KPS) in 1983, since when he has served in various capacities including Duty Officer, Officer in Charge and Regional Commander of Prisons, rising to become Deputy Commissioner General.

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What title is given to the head of prisons in Uganda?

The Administrative head of the Uganda Prisons Service is the Commissioner General of Prisons (CGP) who is deputised by the Deputy Commissioner General (DCGP).

Who is the commissioner general of police in Uganda?

The Uganda Police Force is the national police force of Uganda. The head of the force is called the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The current IGP is Martin Okoth Ochola.

Uganda National Police.

Uganda Police Force Poliisi ya Uganda
Population 35,918,900
Legal jurisdiction Uganda
General nature Civilian police
Operational structure

Who is the current Minister of Internal Affairs in Uganda?

The ministry is headed by a cabinet minister, currently General Kahinda Otafire.

Ministry of Internal Affairs (Uganda)

Ministry overview
Jurisdiction Government of Uganda
Headquarters 75 Jinja Road Kampala, Uganda
Ministry executive Kahinda Otafire, Minister of Internal Affairs
Website Homepage

How do prisons work?

Prisons often serve as a safeguard, keeping dangerous people locked away from society so they cannot commit any more violent crimes. In some cases, prisons are used to rehabilitate criminals and set them up for a new life with an improved education, job and social skills and a new outlook.

How many types of prisons are there?

They also house inmates who have committed more serious crimes, like felonies. One more key difference: jails are operated by local governments, such as cities or counties. Prisons, on the other hand, are run by the state or federal government.

How many Borstal institutions are there in Kenya?

There are only two such institutions in Kenya— Shikusa and Shimo La Tewa Borstal.

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