Who makes the law in Nigeria?

Legislative power is held by the federal government and the two chambers of the legislature: the house of representatives and the senate. Together, the two chambers make up the law-making body in Nigeria, called the national assembly, which serves as a check on the executive arm of government.

Who interprets the law in Nigeria?

The country has a judicial branch, the highest court of which is the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The Nigerian Criminal Code is currently chapter 77 of Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990; it applies only to the southern, Christian-dominated states since 1963.

How is Nigeria law enforced?

The police force is an agency of the executive arm of government that maintains law and order in any society. Unlike the military, the police investigates and prosecutes cases in the law courts. It plays a vital role in ensuring peaceful coexistence among the citizens without which the society would be a jungle.

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What is the source of law in Nigeria?

The main sources of Nigerian law in order of hierarchy are: The Nigerian Constitution. Legislation (Ordinances, Acts, laws, decrees, edicts and bye-laws). Judicial precedents.

How is law made?

Legislative proposals are brought before either house of the Parliament of India in the form of a bill. A bill is the draft of a legislative proposal, which, when passed by both houses of Parliament and assented to by the President, becomes an act of Parliament.

How laws are made courts?

The Parliament of New South Wales passes laws covering many different issues. … applying the law to the facts. In interpreting the law, the courts, or rather the judge or judges, may decide that the law itself which Parliament has passed is not valid.

What are the five main sources of the law?

5 Sources of Laws in the United States

  • Constitutional Law and Federal Statutes. …
  • History of American Common Law. …
  • Statutory Law and Private Action. …
  • Administrative Laws, Government Regulation, and Ordinances. …
  • Court Interpretation for Clarity. …
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How much is police salary in Nigeria?

At the moment, a recruit earns N10,115 monthly, a Police Constable II earns N42,000; Constable I,N43,998; Corporal N45,737; Sergeant, N50,534; Sergeant Major,N63,992; Inspector II/cadet Inspector, N87,000and an Inspector, N130,171.

What is the rank of HND holder in Nigeria police?

While the nomenclature for the HND holders will start with the Rank of Senior Inspector, the degree holders are with the rank of Assistant Superintendent II.” Th e meeting also approved the commencement of the year 2017 promotion exercise for all the services with eff ect from July 17, 2017.

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How much is soldier salary in Nigeria?

A private in the Nigerian Army is paid about N49,000. A Lance Corporal on the other hand is paid about N55,000. A Corporal is paid N58,000. When he gets promoted to the rank of a Sergeant, he starts earning N63,000 per month.

What are the three main sources of Nigeria law?

Below are the 5 major sources of Nigerian law:

Enactments made by the legislature. Customary/Islamic law. Nigerian case law. International law.

What are the 4 sources of law?

The four sources of federal and state law are:

constitutions; statutes and ordinances; rules and regulations; and. case law.

What are the main sources of law?

The main sources of law in India are: 1. The Constitution 2. Statutes 3. Customary law 4. Judicial decisions of superior courts.

  • The Constitution.
  • Statutes.
  • Customary law.
  • Judicial decisions of superior courts. A.

Who makes the law?

In India, legislation is made by Parliament and State Legislatures. Laws made by Parliament are easily available in the public domain at various sites, including those maintained by the Law Ministry. However, laws enacted by the 30 state legislatures are not easily accessible.

Who makes laws for a country?

Option D is the correct answer because it is clear that Parliament which consists of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President make laws for the entire country.

Where does the law come from?

Laws in the United States originate from varying places, depending on whether it is a state or federal law. They can come from the US and state Constitutions, US Congress, state general assemblies, court decisions, or administrative agencies, just to name a few.

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