Who owns Cytonn Kenya?

Who is Edwin Dande?

Before his appointment to British American Asset Managers Limited, Edwin Dande was the Chief Executive Officer and Investment Manager at Baraka Africa Fund. While at Baraka, he founded the Global Markets Fund targeting local investors interested in exposure or diversification to the global markets.

Who are the directors of Cytonn?

Board Committees

The committee consists of four directors with two non-executive directors namely: James Maina (Chairman), Prof. Daniel Mugendi, Edwin H. Dande, and Elizabeth Nkukuu.

Who started Cytonn?

Kenyan-born Edwin Dande is the founder of Cytonn Investments, an alternative investment management and real estate company, with offices in Nairobi and DC Metro area.

Is Cytonn part of centum?

Centum Investment is Cytonn Investments Management’s #2 competitor. Centum Investment was founded in 1967, and its headquarters is in Nairobi, Nairobi Province. Centum Investment is in the field.

Is Cytonn a good employer?

Cytonn Named one of the Top Employers in Kenya for the Second Year in a Row. … The yearly report by Brighter Monday ranked Cytonn number 27 out of the 100 best employers, 28th most respected and admired companies, and the 39th most desired company.

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Who is the CEO of centum?

James Mworia (Oct 22, 2008–)
Centum Investment Company/Генеральный директор
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