Who owns Kenya Power?

Is KPLC owned by the government?

Its name changed to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited in 1983. Kenya Power is partly owned by the Government of Kenya with 50.1 percent shareholding, and private investors with a 49.9 percent shareholding. … Kenya Power is the national system operator (dispatcher of electricity).

Is Kenya Power a parastatal?

Kenya Electricity Generating Company or simply KenGen is a parastatal company, and is the largest electric power producer in Kenya producing over 65% of the electricity consumed in the country.

Why is KPLC a monopoly?

It is charged with the duty of transmitting power from the generating stations and distributing it to consumers, hence making it the only buyer of electricity power from the generating firms. It is a natural monopoly.

Who regulates Kenya Power?

The country has an installed capacity of 2,819 megawatts (MW) and a current peak demand of 1,912MW. The sector is overseen by the: Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MoEP), the lead government ministry in charge of energy-related matters. Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), the sector regulator.

Does KPLC produce electricity?

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) manages and develops all public power electricity generating facilities. It sells electricity in bulk to Kenya Power.

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Who owns Ken Gen?

The Company was listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 2006 and is now 30 percent privately owned and 70 percent Government owned. KenGen provides a total of 80 percent of all electricity consumed within Kenya – it is the leading electric power generation company in the country.

Who is the biggest shareholder of KPLC?


Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Ministry of Finance 50.09
2 Standard Chartered Nominees Limited 20.61
3 KCB Nominees Limited 5.72
4 CFC Stanbic Nominees Limited 2.97

Who owns Ketraco?

Ketraco, which was hived off from Kenya Power in 2008, is 100% owned by the government. Its tasks include constructing and operating high-voltage transmission lines (132kV and above), a role that was formerly Kenya Power’s.

Where does Kenya generate electricity?

Electricity supply is predominantly sourced from hydro and fossil fuel (thermal) sources. This generation energy mix comprises 52.1% from hydro, 32.5% from fossil fuels, 13.2% from geothermal, 1.8% from biogas cogeneration and 0.4% from wind, respectively.

Would you consider Kenya Power and Lighting Company a monopoly Kenya?


Kenya Power is not just a monopoly. It is a monopoly that passes nearly all its costs of doing business to its customers. It is also a monopoly with a captive customer base of over seven million, ranging from subsidised low-income users to power-hungry industries.

Is KPLC part of KenGen?

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC (KenGen) is the leading electric power generating company in East Africa. … Two years later, in January 1998, the management of KPC was separated from KPLC and renamed KenGen.

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Can I sell power to KPLC?

Kenyan households will soon sell any excess power to the main distributor, according to the Energy Act 2019. Under the new law, the metering system, will allow producers to connect to the national grid feeding in not more than one megawatt of power.

How do I get an ERC license?

Apply On-line

  1. Open ERC Website EPRC Website.
  2. Click on the tab “online services”
  3. Click “access our online portal”
  4. For new users click on the “register” tab. …
  5. Click “apply for a new licence”
  6. For electricians select “individual” for contractors select “business/company”
  7. Select the class of licence you wish to apply for.