Who won the Ghana Most Beautiful yesterday?

Who is the Ghana Most Beautiful 2021?

Ashanti Region’s Sarfoa wins 2021 Ghana’s Most Beautiful.

Who won Ghana Most Beautiful?


Winners Year Region
Ekua 2019 Central Region
Abena 2018 Eastern Region
Zeinab 2017 Northern Region
Yaaba 2016 Western Region

Who won GMB 2021 last night?

The Ghana’s Most Beautiful crown is heading back to the Ashanti Region, the region of royalty, after its representative in this year’s edition, Sarfoa, was crowned winner on Sunday.

Who was the first person to win Ghana Most Beautiful?

Between them they had four children, Henrietta, born in London in October 1958, Kofi, also born in London in June 1960, and Vivien, born in Prague then in Czechoslovakia in August 1963.

Monica Amekoafia
Known for First Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant Winner in 1957

Who is Wedaga?

Wedaga, born Princess Diana Wedaga Ayongo, is a 21-year-old student representing the Upper East Region. Wedaga loves reading and debating and she’s passionate about curbing teenage pregnancy in society through extensive sex education.

Who won GMB 2008?

Winner of GMB 2008, Sarah Adoley Addo joined the contestants in the Reality complex to have a few discussions about life after GMB, with the ladies also having the opportunity to ask her some questions about her projects and initiatives.

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Which region in Ghana is the most beautiful?

It is also the location where each Kente Style Tie is handmade. Volta Region Ghana is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Who won tv3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021?

Benedicta Sarfoa Asamoah, representing the Ashanti Region, has been crowned the winner of the 2021 Ghana’s Most Beautiful show. She was mentioned as the winner at the grand finale came off at the National Theatre in Accra on October 3, 2021.

Who won GMTV competition?

Phillip Schofield was left in shock after a competition winner was audibly unimpressed by being handed a £1,000 cash prize on The Morning. During Monday’s episode of the ITV daytime show, a caller named Janette from Manchester was revealed as the winner of the contest.

Who won Miss Ghana 2020?

Chelsea Tayui (born 1995) is a Ghanaian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Ghana in 2020 and represented Ghana at the Miss Universe 2020 pageant.

Chelsea Tayui
Major competition(s) Miss Ghana 2020 (Winner) Miss Universe 2020 (Unplaced)

What is the age limit for Miss Malaika Ghana?

The pageant is open to single females between the ages of 18 or those who would turn 18 the present year and 26. Hopeful contestants need to be a sizes 10 and 14 and must be of “African” origin. Other requirements are that the ladies are high school graduates, have no breast implants and no height restrictions.

Who is EKUA mends Bannerman?

Twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur, Ekua Mends Bannerman, representing the Central region, has won Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2019 crown after 13 weeks of competition fused with entertainment and education. … She becomes the third person from her region to win the GMB crown. Ama first won the crown in 2007.

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