Why did the European scramble for Cameroon?

Scramble to annex Cameroon just like the scramble of Arica, the scramble for Cameroon was necessited by economic, political and social reasons. The British, French and Germans wanted trade monopoly in order to increase their profit. The various powers needed new and more markets for their product.

What caused the European scramble?

Causes of colonisation

During this time of colonisation, an economic depression was occurring in Europe, and powerful countries such as Germany, France, and Great Britain, were losing money. Africa seemed to be out of harm’s way and had an abundance of raw materials from which Europe could make money from.

How did Britain and France scramble for Cameroon?

Germany ruJed Cameroon from 1884-1915 as a colony and in 1916 Cameroon was divided between Britain and France following the defeat of the Germans in Cameroon in 1916. Britain and -France ruled their· respective portions of Cameroon as mandated territories -0f the League of Nations from 1919-1945.

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Why did the British annex Cameroon?

The climate of Cameroon around the Cameroon mountain was suitable for European settlement. The British had the intension of creating an empire. Annexation of Cameroon by the British would facilitate the collection of their debt. The industries in Britain needed raw materials.

What role did the Explorers play in the scramble and annexation of Cameroon?

They accepted European bribes for annexation. They appealed to the Europeans for annexation. They acted as trading agents and became heavily indebted hence they had to accept annexation. They acted as intermediacy between the natives and the European.

What was one of the main reasons for the Scramble for Africa as stated on the website?

What was one of the main reasons for the Scramble for Africa as stated on the website. Explain how the slave trade was Eurocentric? The Europeans wanted all the land to themselves so they kicked out all the africans and made them do forced labor so the Europeans could have more resources and land.

Why was the Scramble for Africa important?

The ‘Scramble for Africa’ – the artificial drawing of African political boundaries among European powers in the end of the 19th century – led to the partitioning of several ethnicities across newly created African states. … Despite their arbitrariness these boundaries endured after African independence.

Why did France took the lion share of Cameroon?

Britain and France had colonial ambitions in Cameroon. … Britain wanted France to have the lion’s share so as to boost French moral in the on going war in Europe. Britain and France had differences in culture and colonial policies.

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Why the First World War was extended to Cameroon?

1) Britain and France wanted to defeat their enemy Germany in her colony Cameroon so as to weaken the latter militarily. 2) The Allied powers hoped to capture Cameroon from Germany so that they would use the resources inside the territory to fight the Germans in other areas.

Who did Cameroon gain independence from?

French Cameroon formally achieved its independence from France on January 1, 1960. UPC rebels killed five individuals in Yaoundé on January 1, 1960. Following independence, Prime Minister Ahmadou Ahidjo requested French military assistance to combat the UPC rebellion.

Why did Germany want Cameroon?

German traders have been involved in trade with West African peoples in the area that later became Cameroon since the late 1860s. … Bismarck’s turn to economic protectionism in 1879 and the rapid growth of overseas trade made it more important to secure access to both markets and sources of raw materials.

When did Cameroon got their independent?

On January 1, 1960, independence was granted. In elections held soon after independence, Ahmadou Ahidjo was elected the first president of the Republic of Cameroon. Ahidjo and his party, the Cameroon Union (Union Camerounaise), pledged to build a capitalist economy and to maintain close ties to France.

What is annexation of Cameroon?

Cameroon has come a long way since 1884 when Germany signed an annexation treaty with Douala chiefs. … Subsequently, treaties were signed with other local chiefs or the Germans simply imposed their rule as they extended into the hinterland. While the Germans took over Douala in 1884, the British were in Victoria in 1885.

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Who annexed Cameroon in 1884?


Why was Cameroon involved in the Second World War?

The fear of the return of the Germans: There were some Cameroonians who did not want the Germans to come back to Cameroon. … Also Britain and France involved Cameroon in the war in order to stop a possible German come back.

When did Germany annex Cameroon?

In spite of the predominant role of the British along the coast, in 1884 the Germans claimed the region as Kamerun. The explorer Gustav Nachtigal arrived in July 1884 to annex the Douala coast. The Germans moved inland over the years, extending their control and their claims.